30 Day Sex Challenge


Here’s one of the most frustrating truths about being in a relationship: for as much as you love your partner, as attracted as you are to them, it is so easy to fall into a sexual rut.

Every couple goes through this!

Between busy schedules, demanding jobs, kids, families, and never-ending responsibilities, it can feel like you and your partner have slipped to the bottom of your to-do lists. (Pun fully intended!)

But if you want to take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary, what’s the solution?

You probably know the answer already: try new things in the bedroom.

Trying something new has been scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to keep a relationship fresh and exciting – both inside and outside of the bedroom.

When you try new things, you get to see your partner in a new light. It feels like you’re dating each other again, still getting to know each other. Things feel fresh and new instead of stale.

There’s a funny kind of inertia that kicks in too. Once you start trying new things in the bedroom, it feels easier to keep being creative.

But if you’re like most people…

You don’t think about trying something new until you’re in the middle of ordinary sex.

In the moment, your partner might ask you, “What do you want to do?” But by then, it’s just too late to be creative.

So what can you do instead?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas for you. 60, to be specific.

Introducing… The 30 Day Sex Challenge!

Course Overview

The 30 Day Sex Challenge is a month-long, email-based challenge designed to give you and your partner tons of new ideas to try in the bedroom together, plus the motivation to put effort into reconnecting with each other.

You and your partner will get the comfort of spending quality time together every day, and the excitement of not knowing exactly what you’ll be doing until the day you do it!

The 30 Day Sex Challenge is meant to be a lot of fun, but it’s also practical. The challenges themselves will take between 10-30 minutes of your time. None of them require any additional purchases or special toys or props. The challenges are designed to nudge you a little out of your comfort zones, but without being overwhelming. It’s more about creating simple – but powerful – moments of connection than doing wild bedroom gymnastics! 

How It Works

Every day for the next 30 days, you’ll get an email from me with two new ideas to try in the bedroom together.

You’ll get a Sensual Challenge (touch- and foreplay-oriented), and a Sexual Challenge (sex-oriented). You and your partner get to choose which one you want to try that day. (And who knows, maybe you’ll end up doing both…)

You can choose to do the challenge within 30 days, or you can spread it out and do a challenge a couple times a week, or a few times a month.

At the end of the month, you’ll get a beautifully-designed PDF workbook of all of the ideas for you to refer back to over and over again whenever you want to spice up your sex life. If you miss a couple of the days of the challenge, it’s no problem, since you’ll have access to all of the ideas for life.


Have More Fun In The Bedroom!

I’m Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist and writer specializing in helping you take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary!

I have bachelor’s degrees in human sexuality and sociology from Brown University, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. I’m also a licensed psychotherapist. I’ve been working in the sex therapy field since 2002 and have been featured by The New York Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, and many more.

Most importantly, I’m a wife, and I’ve been with my husband Xander for over a decade. I know all about the struggles of keeping the passion alive in a long-term relationship. My relationship has been my best teacher, and I feel deeply honored to share the lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) with other couples.

"This was SO MUCH FUN! We had a great month reconnecting with each other and putting our relationship first for a change." - NOAH AND CAM B.

Is This For You?

The 30 Day Sex Challenge is for you if:

  • You want to reignite the spark with your partner with actionable daily challenges.
  • You’ve always wanted to try new things in the bedroom, but sometimes struggle to think of specific ideas.
  • You want to have more fun and be more playful with your partner in the bedroom.
  • You want to get out of a rut. Or you want to avoid getting into a rut in the first place.
  • You want to feel more desire for sex.
  • You want to have an extraordinary sex life.

The 30 Day Sex Challenge is inclusive. It’s designed for people of all ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations.

I’ve always wanted to try more things in the bedroom, but – I know this might sound silly – I also didn’t really know what my options were! I would feel so awkward trying to come up with ideas in the moment. I loved getting SPECIFIC ideas each and every day. And, since we weren’t coming up with the ideas ourselves, it felt like we gave each other more permission to try things we might not have otherwise tried!”


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The Challenge

  • The 30 Day Sex Challenge. 30 days of emails with two challenge options per day.
  • 5-day money-back guarantee!
    Try out the first week of the challenge, 100% risk-free!
  • Detailed PDF guide.
  • Lifetime access to the 30 Day Sex Challenge.
    You can go through the challenge on your own schedule, and repeat the it whenever you’d like.
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    Your Relationship Is Worth It

    For the price of a cup of coffee per day – and far less than you might spend on a weekly date night – you and your partner can spend an entire month bringing suspense, connection, variety, and anticipation back into the bedroom.

    Your relationship, your partner, and your sex life are worth investing in.

    5 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

    I know how hard it can be to take action when it comes changing your sex life. But I also know that the only way to make a change is to get started right away!

    That’s why I’m offering a limited time, 5-day money-back trial period, so you can see exactly how the challenge works. During the trial, you can cancel at any time. But I’m confident you’ll want to keep the fun going.

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    You’re Ready For This

    Prioritizing your sex life with the 30 Day Sex Challenge will bring some major energy and excitement into your relationship! You’ll feel more playful, more vibrant, more alive, and more deeply connected than you ever have before.

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