Finishing School Live

...Stop avoiding intimacy and start having wildly pleasurable sex and orgasms.


Discover your body’s potential and feel confident in bed with a step-by-step course on the physical and emotional parts of orgasm.

I believe that your orgasm is your human right.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Your orgasm is your human right.

As a sex therapist who has spent the past 15 years teaching thousands of women how to have reliable and consistent orgasms, I’ve seen what happens when women take control of their sex lives — and orgasm.

It opens the door to an entirely new world for them.

Because orgasm is about so much more than just feeling good.

It’s about the confidence that comes with knowing what you want and how to make it happen.

Feeling closer to your partner than ever — both in and out of the bedroom.

And yes, feeling so vibrant and alive you radiate that “I’m having amazing sex” glow.

But for so many women orgasm does not come easily, or at all.

Before working with me, many women described their sex lives as everything from awkward and uncomfortable to one-sided and even horrendous.

We’ve been led to believe that if we're in the right relationship, great sex unfolds effortlessly.


For so many women, sex feels like yet another item on their endless to-do list.

This thing to check off once a week or once a month to satisfy their partner.

Sex is so unenjoyable many women start to find every excuse to avoid it.

We’re talking tensing up when their partner tries to cuddle because they’re fearful it will lead to sex!

I’ve heard countless women say, “Maybe I’m just one of the 10%* of women who can’t orgasm”... “I feel like I have to fake orgasms”… “I feel completely disconnected from my body during sex.” *Fake stat alert!

Sex feels one-sided. It seems so unfair when only one partner is enjoying themselves!

Then the resentment starts creeping in...

Many women try to convince themselves that they don’t really need a great sex life to be happy, but they can’t shake the feeling that there has got to be something better for them and their relationship.

Does this feel all too familiar to you?

You’ve Googled, researched, and read all the articles.

All the advice online is so vague. Or totally out of your comfort zone.

Nothing works.

And you’re left feeling frustrated, undesirable, and broken. 

Here’s the thing…

We women have been lied to.

We’ve been lied to about how sex and orgasm works for us.

We’ve been cheated out of basic information about our own bodies.

I mean, tell me:

What were you taught about your body, orgasm and sex in general?

Whatever it was, I’m willing to bet it was either a) nothing or b) wrong.

Women don’t know what they need to have orgasms on their own or with their partner because we’ve never been taught (and it’s certainly not being talked about)!

The fact you don’t know how to have control over your own orgasm is not your fault

If you are like the thousands of women I’ve worked with, you’ve internalized all of this BS that society teaches you:

  • That orgasm should be easy, effortless and quick

  • You should be able to orgasm from penetration

  • To put your partner’s pleasure before your own for the sake of your relationship

  • Sex is your “wifely duty” 

  • That orgasm will “just happen” if you relax and stop being such a control freak

  • If you love each other enough it will work itself out

Well, I’m calling bullshit on all of this. 

Orgasm is not something you just let happen to you.

Even with the best, most-loving partner, orgasm may still be hard to reach (trust me, I know! Hello, I struggled with my own orgasm for 10 years!).

Orgasm is NOT a passive process.

But it is a learnable one. In fact, it is a learnable SKILL. 

One that YOU can be in control of.

And just like any skill, it takes technique, time and practice to master. 

But trust me, anyone can learn!

I am a woman on a mission. 

I believe it’s every woman's right  to know how to orgasm.


I truly believe as a woman you deserve to:
  • know that you are beautiful and sexy

  • have pleasure, fulfillment and joy — both inside and outside of the bedroom
  • to have sex that is for you and to decide what you want from sex (whether that includes an orgasm or not)
  • feel vulnerable and truly comfortable with your partner
  • have the confidence to say what you really want
  • understand what gives your body pleasure with a partner, or without

Trust me when I say, it is possible to orgasm on your own and with a partner — even if you’ve struggled with this for a very long time.

It’s time to call out the BS and take back your power.

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Imagine how you would feel if this was a typical day for you...

You wake up early next to your partner. You both need to get up to get ready for work, but you can’t resist cuddling and kissing and flirting just a little bit longer. 

You make it very clear to your partner exactly what you want. 

Your partner responds very eagerly and excitedly.

No obsessing over how you look naked — you’re completely present and feeling desirable. You’re even a bit adventurous! (Reverse cowgirl? Why not?)

You’re both giggling and being playful. 6am has never been so fun! 

But it’s not just about the wild, fun sex you’re having.

You feel connected to your own body. And to your partner’s. You’ve never felt so close. 

You definitely aren’t looking for excuses to get out of sex these days!

Psst… think that’s hot? It gets even better, because…

Orgasm is so much more than just having orgasms

The most amazing things begin to happen when you change your story about orgasm. You can change so many other things in your life too.

First, yes, your sex life gets better.

You learn how to receive pleasure, sex dramatically improves, and you ride those energy-giving endorphins all day. 

Next, your relationship with your partner deepens.

Your communication skills and ability to receive each other’s affection in and out of bed have never been better. Hand-holding time soars. (And yes! You are even assertive enough to tell your partner exactly… what… you…want. #dirtytalkforthewin).

And then, a really big shift happens. You realize how much you’re worth. 

You realize you deserve pleasure. Not only were you never broken, but you’re also worthy of great sex, love, and compassion.

You learn to be kind to your body. You begin to have a new appreciation for what it is, how it looks and what it can do! You no longer obsess over every little detail or what you look like in different positions. 

Outside the bedroom, a whole new world opens up too!

You start to speak up about what you want in all areas of your life (no more faking orgasms… or faking anything else for that matter!)

You start speaking to yourself in a kinder, gentler way. 

You start to say no to stuff you don’t want to do. And to confidently go after what you do want.

Because you know you are deserving of everything you want.


I’m Vanessa, a sex therapist here to help you take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary!

I’ve been interviewed as a female orgasm expert by major publications like the New York Times, Goop, Elle, and ‘O’ The Oprah Magazine. 

BuzzFeed even called me the “Orgasm Whisperer!” 

I’ve shown thousands of women how to have their first orgasm. And I’ve seen first-hand just how dramatically changing your relationship with your orgasm can change your entire life. 

Here’s a little tidbit about me…

I can get pretty fired up about things I’m passionate about.

And nothing gets me more fired up than seeing all the BS about their orgasms that women are being fed. (Let’s just say, my husband Xander has listened to a rant or two or a thousand from me after reading yet another article with bad or just plain wrong information in it! #sorrynotsorry).

I’m tired of women getting cheated by the stereotypical ways we talk (and don’t talk) about sex, pleasure, and orgasm. 

And I’m here to change that. 

Although I’m a sex therapist, I was never taught about sex growing up (like so many of us).

In fact, I struggled with my own orgasm for about 10 years!

I began to wonder: 

Is there something wrong with me? 

Am I the only one who can’t have an orgasm during sex? 

How do I not know how to do this perfectly natural thing? 

I have a solid relationship, so why isn’t this working?

I went through so many of the things that most women who struggle with orgasm go through: faking orgasm, feeling resentful of my partner, and feeling my sex drive plummet.

After a lot (we’re talkin’ years) of research and a lot of practice, I figured it out. And, yep, orgasms are pretty incredible. And they really do transform every area of your relationship and your life! 

During my years of struggles, there weren’t any good resources out there to help.

That’s why I created this course. I want to provide women with the real, concrete tools and step-by-step instructions you need to have orgasms.

I’ve now taught thousands of women how to orgasm using these techniques. 

I regularly hear from women who’ve gone through my course and say it’s not only transformed their sex life, but their entire life.

I believe it’s every woman's right to know how to orgasm.

I would love to teach you how too!


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The 5 Beliefs You Need To Let Go Of In Order To Start Orgasming

Remember when I said that we've been told lies about sex and orgasm?

Let's dispel the worst myths once and for all.

myth #1:

If it hasn't happened already, it never will because some women (aka YOU) just aren't capable of orgasming.

So many women think that if orgasm hasn’t happened for them (yet) that it automatically means something is wrong with them. 

This just simply IS NOT TRUE.

You are NOT broken, there’s nothing wrong with you and you aren’t missing a part or something.

There is ZERO scientific proof that some women are incapable of orgasm.

I’ve never tried to speak French.

Does that mean I’m physiologically incapable of speaking French?


It just means I’ve NEVER TRIED!

The reason why you haven’t orgasmed yet is because you haven’t been taught! 

Learning to orgasm (either on your own or with a partner) is a skill. A very learnable skill. 

myth #2:

If it hasn't happened already, it never will.

Let me guess:

You think you missed the orgasm boat.

It set sail without you, and there’s just no way to get back on it. 

It’s just too late for you.

But here’s the truth: It’s NEVER too late to learn how to orgasm!

Just like it’s never too late to learn how to play the piano, or speak Spanish, or start yoga.

And you aren’t “behind” either.

There are literally millions of women your exact age (and older!) who have never had an orgasm. It’s NOT too late. 

You’ll only miss the boat if you decide not to get on it.

So don’t let anyone tell you that if it hasn’t happened YET that means it’s never going to happen. 

Once you’ve got a set of proven techniques and exercises, you WILL be able to orgasm consistently and whenever you like!

myth #3:

If you are with the “right” partner and have good chemistry it’ll just happen.

This one really gets me fired up — because this was me! I didn’t just magically orgasm. No matter how much I relaxed or tried to “let it happen.” 

Orgasming is not a passive process. And it’s not magic. It is a learnable skill.

Part of that skill is exploring in the bedroom — on your own or with a partner — to figure out what feels good for you. 

The other part is communicating with your partner. Being comfortable telling them what feels good. Being able to have that open, honest and safe communication with your partner plays a big part in your orgasm. 

myth #4:

It’s selfish to want to orgasm.

It’s okay to want to have sex that’s FOR YOU instead of just done TO YOU. 

It doesn’t have to be just your partner’s thing or all about them because “that’s their love language.”

Sex should be about both partners’ pleasure. 

I’ve also heard some of my clients say that because it can take them a “long time” to orgasm, they feel bad about taking up that time or energy from their partner. 

Trust me, your partner cares a lot about your pleasure. It’s usually a major turn on! 

They aren’t timing how long it takes you to climax — they’re too busy enjoying getting frisky!

Think about it: You care about making your partner feel good. Wanting to feel good yourself isn't selfish at all. It’s fair. 

myth #5:

You need to be super experienced to have an orgasm.

Whether you have had multiple partners or one partner, it doesn’t have any bearing whatsoever on your ability to have an orgasm. 

What does matter is knowing your own body and having a repeatable, proven process to achieve orgasm. 

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Now you know what doesn't work. 
So what's the secret to actually learning
how to orgasm, once and for all?


Finishing School™ Live!

An online course that will show you how to orgasm on your own and with a partner,
and start having wildly pleasurable sex
that you’ll actually crave.

Finishing School™ is unlike any other resource you’ve found so far. There is no just relax or just buy a vibrator in this course. 

Everything you will learn in Finishing School™ Live is based on proven techniques and skills (yes, having an orgasm is a skill!). I’ll guide you through each exercise in detail and will never leave you wondering “am I doing this right?”.

We’ll cover everything from the emotional and physical hang-ups that may be blocking you from orgasm, how female orgasm actually works (and what it really feels like!), how to get past embarrassment or shame around sex and masturbation, how to communicate what you want with your partner and, of course, ALL the ways to orgasm

You don’t have to struggle alone anymore.

When you enroll in Finishing School™ Live, you’re joining a community of women all overcoming the same challenges at the same time. 

After fully immersing yourself in the course, you’ll have all the tools you need to have your very first orgasm by yourself or with a partner — or to start having them more consistently.

But more importantly, by the end of Finishing School™ Live, you’ll have found new ways to relate to your body, sex, and your partner.

Finishing School™ Live gives you
everything you need to discover
yourself, your confidence,
your pleasure… and your orgasm!


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Here's what you can expect inside
Finishing School™ Live...

Module 1: Welcome To Finishing School!

Immediately after signing up, you get access to the unique Finishing School™ mindsets and methods. I’ll go over the techniques, activities and guides that set you up for success so you can get the most out of the program.

Module 2: Get to Know Your Orgasm

Feel empowered with a priceless foundation of orgasm knowledge! This myth-busting module is a client favorite. 

Discover the different types of orgasm. Vaginal? Clitoral? G-Spot? Cervical? Blended? How many are there exactly? You’ll finally get a straightforward answer.

We’ll also talk all about how an orgasm really works and uncover the orgasmic blocks that have been getting in your way for so long.

Module 3: Move Past Your Mental Blockages

We all have negative beliefs about sex — even me! I show you how to move past your sexual baggage and get your head in the pleasure game. 

One way we’ll focus on feeling good? With the ultimate get out of your head and into your body exercise I call the Mistaken Bodyguard technique. 

It’ll help you banish self-conscious and distracting thoughts (goodbye orgasm sabotagers) that can come up when you’re intimate so you can fully enjoy yourself and your partner.

Module 4: Break Down Your Body Blockages

I’ve often been told that this module could be a whole course on its own!

Here you will learn how to truly be comfortable in your own skin (yes, exactly as it is in this moment). I’ll show you a simple but remarkably powerful way to reconnect with your own body in just a few seconds, plus, how to get comfortable with your pussy (if reading that word made you flinch, this will be life-changing for you!).

Module 5: Start Masturbating

Let me guess - you feel uncomfortable with masturbation, right? Most women do! I’ll bust all the BS you’ve been taught about masturbating (it’s dirty! it’s shameful! a real lady doesn’t do that!).

Even if you feel nervous or hesitant about masturbation, this module will help you bust down your masturbation blockages, convince you that it’s the right path forward, and will even get you excited to explore your own body!

You’ll learn an effective four-step masturbation method that shows you just how empowering it is to pleasure your own body. 

I’ll also teach you the “Goldilocks Method” for getting the sensation juuuuust right.

Module 6: Troubleshoot Your Technique

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed or discouraged because you can’t orgasm immediately, you’re not alone. Orgasming is a skill that takes practice! 

I’ll show you how to take the pressure off with four key tricks to supercharge your motivation and five to stay present and focused in the moment. 

You’ll also learn four powerful ways you can create more sensation, so you never feel numb or disconnected from your body ever again.

Module 7: Explore More

Here’s where you get to play! You’ll explore all the techniques and activities you’ve learned so far and discover what your body likes best. 

You’ll also discover the nine Most Valuable Techniques (MVTs) that have been most successful at helping the women in Finishing School™ have their first orgasms! You’ll be amazed at how simple and effective the MVTs are!

Module 8: Orgasm!

It’s time to put all of the pieces together and start orgasming! 

This is where I really see women in the course shine. Your self-confidence will be through the roof as you finally get unstuck and experience your first orgasm on demand! 

In case you can’t quite get over the edge at this stage, I’ll give you techniques to deliver that final push to orgasm.

Module 9: Optimize Your Orgasmic Pleasure

In this module we’ll transition to orgasming with a partner. 

You’ll learn how orgasming with another person really works and specific practices that will optimize your orgasmic potential.

(Don’t have a partner? Don’t worry! Learning these practices now will mean you will be ready to dive right in when you next have a partner.)

Module 10: Get Your Partner on Your Team!

Say goodbye to boredom in the bedroom after this module! Here you will get specific tools and practices to play in the bedroom together

You’ll get my best (and proven!) tips to talk to your partner about exploring the exercises with you — or how to apply them without sharing about Finishing School™. 

Beyond being a ton of fun, you’ll also learn a specific way to share constructive feedback. That’s right: You’ll finally be able to confidently answer the question “What do you want?”

Module 11: [Top Secret!!!]

This mysterious module is the first step in having orgasms with your partner.

Module 12: Orgasm From Touch

Learn how to orgasm from your partner’s hands and how to pleasure your partner with your hands. Yep, this is why partners loooove helping you with your Finishing School™ homework. 

Worried no one can touch you the way you touch yourself? You’ll learn how to ask for exactly what you need to get there with your partner!

Module 13: Orgasm From Oral

If oral sex has felt uncomfortable or embarrassing for you in the past — that ends this week! Never feel self-conscious about your taste or smell again. 

You’ll learn how to both receive and give amazing oral sex. We’re talking specific oral sex techniques that your partner can use on you PLUS mind-blowing techniques you can use on them (regardless of your partner’s gender). 

I didn't have to include all these partner-pleasing bonus techniques, but it makes the course SO exciting for you and your partner. Get ready for some super fun sexy time!

Module 14: Orgasm During Intercourse

We couldn’t conclude Finishing School™ without covering the orgasm that is often the most elusive for so many women: orgasm during intercourse. What you learn here will ensure you have the best sex of your life! 

Find out the 11 best positions for orgasm along with specific tips and techniques for each one. 

PLUS you’ll learn about the 11 game-changing Pleasure Boosters that will help you get the stimulation you need to make sure you orgasm during intercourse. 

Trust me when I say, this module will feel like a breeze after all of the powerful work you’ve done so far!

And because I want to make sure I give you ALL
the tools you need to really feel confident and in
control of your orgasm,

I'm throwing in these bonuses too...

BONUS: Access to Sextra Credit — a bonus resource that’s packed with my more advanced pleasure tactics.

I’ve developed hundreds of orgasm techniques over the years. Since Finishing School™ is designed to be as efficient as possible without overwhelming you, I needed somewhere else to put all the extra orgasm gold. 

When you’re ready to dive even deeper, your Sextra Credit is waiting. You’ll find plenty of extra goodies to further optimize your orgasm and improve your relationship with your body and with your partner. 

If you have a specific situation, challenge, or question, you’ll find the solution here.

Like the rest of the course, you’ll have lifetime access to Sextra Credit, so you can keep improving your sex life long after you’ve had your first orgasm. ($500 value)

BONUS: 4 Finishing School™ Live Community Coaching Calls where you can anonymously ask questions and get personalized advice. 

While these calls are completely private (your camera and mic are always switched off) you’ll know you’re not going through this alone. 

When you enroll in Finishing School™ Live, you’re also joining a community of women who are overcoming the same struggles at the same time. 

Even though it’s anonymous, you’ll have hundreds of women supporting you and cheering you on! 

(Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to submit questions ahead of time and the replays will be posted in your course portal.) 

FYI: I’m no longer taking one-on-one clients. If you’ve been wanting to work with me more closely, Finishing School™ Live is the best (and only!) way. ($2,000 value)

BONUS: LIVE Community Coaching Call with Xander, so you can get a partner’s perspective on all things female pleasure. ($500 value)

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When you join Finishing School™ Live you will get lifetime access to:

  • The complete Finishing School™ system — filled with practical, step-by-step, easy-to-follow techniques. ($999 value)
  • Access to Sextra Credit with tons of additional pleasure-related tips, techniques, and resources ($500 value)
  • Access to 4 Live Community Coaching Calls ($2,000 value)
  • Access to Xander’s Live Community Coaching Call ($500 value)

But instead of paying $3,999...

You get all of this for just $999.

Full disclosure: This is your last chance to join Finishing School™ Live until 2022. Next year the price goes up to $1,500.


Join us inside Finishing School™ and discover the step-by-step techniques proven to get you to orgasm — with or without a partner.

Get instant lifetime access, all the bonuses I mentioned above, and my 30-Day Pleasure-Guaranteed Money-Back Guarantee.

Real Life-Changing Results
(from the lips of real-life women)

Before joining Finishing School™, I felt like sex and intimacy with my partner was my wifely duty.

After completing Finishing School™ I made a big breakthrough of orgasm with my husband.

It’s opened up a new and exciting chapter in our marriage! 

There is no longer this thing that is just lingering there on the side, undiscussed. I no longer feel inhibited, embarrassed when talking to my husband.

I can honestly say, Vanessa’s course is nothing like the other resources and guides out there that I tried (and I’ve tried a lot).

Finishing School™ covered so much more than I was expecting, especially helping me to get past my body hang-ups (now I just let my husband “see'' me and it’s been so freeing!) and how to communicate with your partner, even when you’ve never even said things like this before. 

Our sex life is amazing (now our only issue is time!) and to top it off, I am so much more confident and having so much fun! 

I don’t know how I can put a dollar value on this kind of personal and relationship transformation, because what it’s done for my life and my relationship has been priceless.

- noelle

Before Finishing School™, I avoided sex like the plague.

I truly believed that there was something fundamentally wrong with me because I couldn’t have an orgasm. Like I was missing a part. 

Vanessa helped me to see that I am not broken.

I actually thought I was going to be the only woman to fail this course! But working through the modules helped me to have my first orgasm... and it was amazing! It’s changed my entire life because I know if I can do this, I can do so many other things that I haven’t even attempted.

If you are done with feeling broken and done with the bullshit we’ve all been fed — if you are ready to help yourself, then I cannot stress enough how much Vanessa will be able to help you. 

I am so very grateful that Vanessa has made this her life’s work and is helping women like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

- audrey p.

I also want you to meet Xander
(because he’s part of this course too!)

Hi, I’m Xander, Vanessa’s husband!

I give the inside scoop on what your partner’s really thinking, how to talk to them in the most clear and productive way, and how to get them excited about going on this journey with you. 

 I'll be honest: In the past, I wasn't the most orgasmically supportive partner. Vanessa even thought I was kinda selfish in the bedroom when we first started dating! But oh how things have changed! 

 I'm here to show you that even if you’re having super unbalanced sex (yep orgasm resentment is real), it's possible for them to become wildly supportive. If I can change, they can too!

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Join Finishing School™ Live to start having orgasms more consistently and reliably (and super hot, fun sex, too!)

Join Finishing School™ Live now and get access to:

  • The complete Finishing School™ system — filled with practical, step-by-step, easy-to-follow techniques. ($999 value)
  • Access to Sextra Credit with tons of additional pleasure-related tips, techniques, and resources ($500 value)
  • Access to 4 Live Community Coaching Calls ($2,000 value)
  • Access to Xander’s Live Community Coaching Call ($500 value)

Let’s Talk About Your Investment...

Total transparency is important to us, so we’re always upfront about how we price our courses and digital products. 

The next time we run Finishing School™ Live in 2022, the price goes up to $1,500. 

At this point, Finishing School™ is packed full of so much valuable information, it’s worth way more than we’ve been charging. 

But we want to give you one last chance to get in at that ridiculous price. You get all the extra bonuses and Community Coaching Calls that come with Finishing School™ Live for the same price as our classic self-paced version (without any bonuses). 

So if you’ve been thinking about it for a while, there is no better opportunity to join than TODAY!


I want to get real with you for a minute...

I hear something over and over from women considering joining Finishing School™:

"I'm afraid I'll FAIL at Finishing School™.”

“What if I am the ONE woman that just isn’t meant to experience orgasms, no matter how hard I try?”

I get it. Because I’ve been there myself. And so many of the women in Finishing School™ were exactly where you are too. 

Worried they’re in the 10% (a fake stat going around btw!) of women who can’t orgasm.

If you commit yourself to the Finishing School™ system, you WILL orgasm.

I know that orgasm is a sensitive topic, and that it can be easy to give up on yourself.

But thousands of women – including many self-proclaimed “hopeless cases” – have used the Finishing School™ system to learn how to orgasm.

This system works.

The best way to find out for yourself if this will work for you is to experience the lessons, exercises and coaching for yourself. 

100% risk-free.

That’s why I’ve got the… 

The Pleasure-Guaranteed Guarantee!

30 day, risk-free, money-back guarantee

Take 30 days to fully immerse yourself in the Finishing School™ experience.

I can’t promise you that you’ll be wildly orgasmic in just 30 days. You’re too unique for me to put that kind of timeline on you!

This is simply my way of making sure your doubt and uncertainty don’t hold you back from discovering just how amazing and fulfilling orgasms can be.

If after trying out all of the powerful practices you don’t feel any sort of change in your relationship with your body, pleasure, orgasm, or sex life, simply email with your completed course workbook, and we will refund you every single penny.

This is my life’s work and I am so passionate about helping women just like you find their path to orgasm.

I don’t want you investing in a course that doesn’t feel like the right fit for you... I just don’t want you to give up on yourself.

Because that’s my dream for this world: that you — and every woman out there — know you’re capable of pleasure and orgasms, and that you deserve them.

I’m here to support you every step of the way!


Questions Smart Women Ask Before Saying “YES!” To Finishing School™

(bring on your questions - I love 'em!)

“I’ve read articles about orgasm, and they didn’t help. How is this different?”
I’ve read those articles too!

And they’re actually one of the main reasons why I created Finishing School™ in the first place.

 You see, when I was struggling with my own orgasm challenges, I was so frustrated that I could never find any genuinely useful advice.

It was all the same crap over and over again…

“Just relax.”

“Don’t think about it.”

“Don’t be such a control freak.”

“Just don’t make it a big deal.”

That advice never helped me figure out my orgasm dilemmas, and I know it hasn’t helped you either.

It only made me feel terrible about myself, and even more stuck.

That’s why I set out to make the first fully comprehensive, tried-and-tested, step-by-step orgasm SYSTEM.

Finishing School™ isn’t 800 words of fluff written by an overworked (and frankly, clueless) freelancer on a deadline.

It’s an immersive experience, with accurate information, proven techniques, and a specific process.

And since I remember all too well how crappy those articles made me feel…

… Finishing School™ is designed to make the process of learning to orgasm feel FUN and JOYFUL!

“Are you SURE it’s not too late for me? If I haven’t learned how to orgasm by now, is there any hope I can have one?”

It’s never too late to feel pleasure in your body!

You can learn to orgasm at any age, at any point in your life.

When it comes to orgasm, age is truly nothing but a number. Women of all ages have taken Finishing School™ and learned how to orgasm for the very first time.

Here’s what one recent participant (in her 50s) had to say:

“You were so right in saying that it is never too late to learn about your body. It seems paradoxical, but I don't resent at all that I didn't experience such mind-blowing sensations in my younger years. I am convinced that now was the right time to learn how to orgasm and enjoy sex in a completely different way. This new sensuality has certainly revived our long relationship and put a definite spark back into it. We are both over the moon.”

Plus, I want to point out that most women feel like they’re “behind” when it comes to orgasm. I’ve had women as young as 18 tell me they were worried it was “too late”!

“Does my partner have to be involved? I don’t want my partner to even know I’m taking the course.”

It’s entirely up to you whether you involve your partner or not. 

When it comes to you orgasming with a partner, here’s the honest truth: I think you will be way more successful if you work on the exercises together.

I know it takes more courage and communication up front, but it becomes more of a team exploration. Something you’re doing together, rather than something you feel like you’re having to do alone, on the sly. It builds trust, connection, and intimacy.

Plus, these exercises are designed to be a lot of fun! I’ve gotten tons of feedback from the partners of Finishing School™ participants, and they love getting involved with these exercises.

I know how intimidating it can feel to talk about sex openly, but I’m with you every step of the way. There are lots of specific exercises for learning to get more comfortable talking about sex in general, and lots of strategies for introducing each of the exercises to your partner.

Even if you’ve been with your partner for decades, you’ll still learn how to have these conversations for the first time.

So the bottom line is it’s up to you whether or not to get your partner involved. I’ll give you my best tips either way!

“I’m already so busy. How much time is this going to take?”

I hear you!

I’m type-A at heart, so I know what it’s like to feel spread so incredibly thin you can’t even imagine taking on one additional thing. 

So I’ve worked hard to make Finishing School™ as streamlined and efficient as possible.

All of the information is presented in mini lessons lasting from 2-21 minutes (see, totally doable, right?!).

I recommend you spend about an hour a week on Finishing School™ (which you can divide into multiple sessions), but it just depends on how quickly you want to get results.

You’ll also get lifetime access to the material and any future course updates. If life throws you a curveball right after you sign up, you can come back to Finishing School™ whenever the timing is better.

Also… we’re not talking about doing your taxes or cleaning out the garage! It might help to remind yourself that you want to orgasm!

Trust me, once you start realizing how much fun Finishing School™ is, you’re going to want to find the time in your schedule!

“Can you remind me what I’m getting when I enroll today?”

Of course!

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for Finishing School™ Live:

  • The entire Finishing School™ system to guide you step-by-step through having powerful and reliable orgasms on your own and with your partner. ($999 value)
  • Free access to Sextra Credit, a library of valuable pleasure-related tips, tricks, and resources beyond what’s covered in Finishing School™. Think of Finishing School™ as your course syllabus, and Sextra Credit as your recommended reading. ($500 value)
  • 4 LIVE Community Coaching Calls so you can anonymously ask questions, get personalized advice, and join a supportive community of women who are all overcoming the same struggles as you. It’s completely private (your camera and mic are always switched off) but you’ll never feel like you’re going through this alone. And don’t worry if you can make it live. You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and access the call recordings in your course portal. ($2,000 value)
  • BONUS: LIVE Community Coaching Call with Xander, so you can get a partner’s perspective on all things female pleasure. ($500 value)
  • A risk-free, 30-day guarantee. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be wildly orgasmic in just 30 days, because we’re all unique, and that’s a lot of pressure! But if you do the work and don’t feel any change whatsoever in your relationship with your body, pleasure, or sex, or if you don’t feel confident that Finishing School™ is giving you all the tools you need to get there, I’ll happily refund you.
  • Lifetime access to Finishing School™, so you can learn on your own schedule and keep learning for life.
  • Free access to all future program updates, so you can continue improving your relationship with your orgasm with new tips and techniques.

"Is it really risk free?"

Yes! I want you to really give Finishing School™ your all. I know that if you commit yourself to this process and do the work, you will experience massive changes in your life.

I can’t promise you that you will be wildly orgasmic in 30 days. You are just too unique for me to put that kind of timeline on you! But if 30 days go by and you don’t feel any sort of change in your relationship with your body, pleasure, orgasm, or sex life, then I will refund you every single penny. All I ask is that you show me that you’ve done the work by sharing your completed course workbook. 

I know how easy it is for some women to think they’re “hopeless cases” and to give up before fully giving themselves a chance. If you can show me that you haven’t given up on yourself, I’ll give you a full refund.

I don’t want you investing in a course that doesn’t feel like the right fit for you... I just don’t want you to give up on yourself.

Because that’s my dream for this world - that every woman out there knows she’s capable of pleasure and orgasms, and that she deserves them.

“I’m not very experienced, sexually. Is that going to be a problem?” 

This is a common fear for a lot of women before they sign up.

They are afraid they aren’t experienced enough or adventurous enough for a course about orgasming. 

Let me assure you that anyone, and I do mean anyone, can learn how to orgasm. 

I’ve seen the proof in the thousands of women I have taught to do so with this exact set of techniques and exercises you are going to learn inside Finishing School™.

Learning to orgasm is a skill. A skill that can be learned. This isn’t about your level of past experience or willingness to try ‘adventurous’ things, but about your willingness to be open to new things and believe that you are deserving of pleasure. 

“Do men even care about this/my pleasure?” 

First of all, Finishing School™ is for women of any sexual orientation. But I often hear this question from women, so I wanted to address it.

My answer? Hell yes! 

I know this can be hard to believe. But I talk to men about female orgasm all the time, and they’re as desperate to please you as you are to experience pleasure! 

I keep talking about all this BS that we women are taught to believe about female orgasm. Unfortunately, men hear the exact same BS too, and it gets in the way of them being able to pleasure you. 

Most men just don’t know where to begin when it comes to female orgasm. And they’re too afraid to ask. 

When was the last time you heard a man asking for directions or instructions? Men have been taught that they’re supposed to have all the answers, so admitting that they don’t can make them feel embarrassed and emasculated.

Realizing that you’ve both been fed some wild misinformation can actually be a great way to bond. 

“I want to run this by my partner and I feel so awkward bringing up orgasms — and money!”

I hear this all the time. Women want their partner’s support, but feel embarrassed running the investment in this course by them if they share finances. I’ve got you covered! 

Before we dive in, some assurance: Most women get incredibly positive and supportive responses from their partners.

We created an entire guide for how to bring up the course to your partner in different scenarios. Here are a few snippets: 

Worried about your partner’s reaction to the registration fee?

“Vanessa said something really interesting that made me think… She said, ‘Why shouldn’t we invest in our sex lives? Are new clothes or fancy dinners out more satisfying than having a passionate, pleasurable, and fulfilling sex life with the person we love the most in this world?’ 

I know that this course is going to help us transform our sex life. I’m willing to take a good, hard look at our expenses so we can afford this.”

Have your orgasmic problems caused relationship tension?

“I know that my struggles with orgasm have been a source of tension for us in the past. I want you to know that my orgasm and our sex life is important to me. I’ve been researching options, and I found this online course taught by a sex therapist. It’s all about helping women learn how to orgasm with their partners, and it sounds perfect for me.

This course is going to have a lot of fun techniques and exercises that we can try together, and I think it would be so fun if we could do this together, as a team. Can you be on board with me?”

Ready to recruit support? You can get the full guide here. I’ll help you figure out how to talk to your partner and get them on board with you making this powerful decision for your sex life!

"What if I learn I just don’t like sex?"

This is a fear for many women. Some women even convince themselves they don’t like sex to explain why they can’t have orgasms.

I’m willing to bet that once you have been equipped with better knowledge and information about your body, intercourse and orgasm, you will in fact enjoy sex and revel in your newly adventurous adult playtime.

I’m here to teach you how to orgasm every time. During that process, you’ll also learn what feels best to you, how to relax your mind and body, and ways to have more fun when you’re getting frisky. 

Combined, these lessons will leave you craving more sex. It’s just that good!

"What if I’m actually broken and it doesn’t work for me?"

Hold up. I’m over here getting fired up again about how messed up it is that we live in a world that would lead you to even consider that! 

We women are either taught myths about how to reach orgasm (“penetration is the best way”, “just relax and let it happen”, and more!) OR taught nothing at all! 

Without even meeting you, I can say with certainty you are NOT broken. 

You just need some information on how your body works — and specific techniques to bring you to orgasm.

There is NO scientific proof of a condition that blocks orgasm. In fact, sometimes it’s a mental block or emotional hang-up getting in the way of your orgasm. 

Let me just be clear: even having mental blocks doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. We all have them! (Even me!)

If you follow the proven step-by-step techniques I teach you on the course, I guarantee you will discover a better understanding of your body and what brings you pleasure. After that — it all gets reeeaally fun! 


Mimi a.

"For women who are thinking about taking Finishing School and you're not really sure, what I would say is do it! Do it. Prioritize yourself. Know that more is possible. Be courageous and embrace life fully with lots of faith. Finishing School helps you feel that way and you will be supported the whole time in your journey. No matter how long it takes, you will orgasm and you will really enjoy it.”

audrey p.

“Finishing School for me has been one of the best things I've ever done. It's proven to me that what I thought was true, which was that I was broken as a woman that I wasn't going to be able to have an orgasm because there was something fundamentally wrong, it's showing me that that's not true. And it's showing me that I can do it with a lot of support from Vanessa and her team and the other ladies who went to school. I'm single and I did this on my own, I did it for me. And that was really, really, really empowering.”

janessa b.

"I looked forward to the lesson every single week. There were some lessons that were SO transformative. You WILL get there. There is a community, a tribe of women who have not had orgasms. They have learned how, we have all learned how. ”

debbie b.

"I have had an AWESOME experience.  I feel like I am helping to eradicate the guilt and shame surrounding female masturbation and I am passing that legacy on to my daughter so that she doesn't feel guilt or shame.”

Select Testimonials

This may not be the right course for you

As much as I truly believe that Finishing School™ can help any woman learn the tools she needs to have consistent orgasms and change her life, I also want to acknowledge that it may not be right for everyone. 

This is a course for women who are committed to improving not only their ability to orgasm but who are also open to changing many other aspects of their life too.

The women who have gone through Finishing School™ tell me they’re now “more playful day to day”, “nourish their bodies instead of criticizing them”, and “feel excited to enter new relationships after divorce”.

I’m not here to convince absolutely everyone to join Finishing School™ — only those who are ready and committed to getting a bit uncomfortable, who want to challenge their old ways of thinking, and improve their life and relationships.

So, if you find yourself thinking any of the beliefs below, I encourage you to click away from this page as I honestly don’t believe this is the course for you.

#1: You’re already convinced it won’t work.

It’s okay to be hesitant. BUT, if you are reading this and thinking ‘this is BS!’ or ‘there’s no way this is legit or would work’… then chances are you aren’t a good fit for this program. 

I am here to support you every step of the way, not to drag you through this kicking and screaming!

In order to be successful with Finishing School™, you need to be willing to try new things and approach it with an open mindset. Myself and my team are here to support you, but we absolutely cannot do it for you! 

#2: You’re already feeling satisfied with your sex life, on your own and with a partner.

If that’s the case for you, then congrats!

You’d still learn a ton in Finishing School™ about understanding your body, getting more comfortable asking for what you want, and having more powerful and reliable orgasms, but at this stage in your orgasmic journey, it might be better to wait until I’ve released my Advanced Orgasms course :)

#3: You’re looking for a quick-fix solution.

I know that you’ve probably been wanting to orgasm for a loooong time. (Been there myself!) It’s understandable to want overnight results. 

In Finishing School™, you will be taught the techniques and processes proven to get you to orgasm, but they will require some time and practice. 

Every woman is unique, so I can’t pinpoint an exact amount of time you’ll need to do the exercises to have your first orgasm.

What I can promise, is that if you follow the lessons, do the exercises, and are open to new things — you WILL have an orgasm. It’s simply a matter of when! 

While there’s some work to be done, I make the whole journey as enjoyable as possible. You aren’t just waiting around to have an orgasm!

But if you’re already too frustrated to give it an honest shot, Finishing School™ probably isn’t the best fit for you.

On the other hand, this program is absolutely for you if:

Everything I teach you in Finishing School™ is based on science and proven, clear strategies that I have spent the past 15 years perfecting.

You will not find this information in any other course or resource on the market.

I’ll coach you through your sexual hang-ups (even I have them!) to help you take back control of your body and your pleasure.

AND THEN I’ll teach you my exact step-by-step method to orgasm whenever and wherever you want. YESSSS!


A final word from me...

If you are still here and still reading this far down the page, I’m guessing something you’ve read has stuck with you. 

It may have taken you a great deal of courage to even be reading this page right now, let alone contemplating signing up for a whole course dedicated to learning how to orgasm!

I understand that taking a step like this can be scary, intimidating and full of doubt. 

I want you to know that I really, truly get that. Because I’ve been where you are. I remember all too well the fear, the frustration, and the desperation of just wanting to figure this out. 

Being able to turn all of that around felt like an incredible triumph. I felt proud of myself, connected to my body, sexy, and confident. And that’s not to mention the fact that the orgasms themselves are awesome! 

I know not only from my experience but also from the thousands, yes thousands, of women I’ve worked with that my orgasm method works.

I’m offering you the proven tools and techniques — perfected over the past 15 years — that will show you exactly how to take control of your orgasm. 

When you feel like you’ve tried everything it can be hard to believe that orgasm is possible. 

Everything in life requires a little leap of faith.

On the other side of that jump? The spontaneous and fun sex life — and deeper connection with your partner (current or future!) — you deserve.

Trust me when I say you’ve got this.

I can’t wait to see you in Finishing School™!

- Vanessa

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I was really nervous to sign up for Finishing School. I knew, in theory, that I wasn't the only one struggling but it really felt that way when no one talks about it.

I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of myself that I couldn't orgasm. It felt like a real failure. It was helpful. especially in Module One, to think through some of those feelings and understand what might be part of the solution so I could work on it. And, while still working through the exercises, I ended up telling some of my female friends that I had signed up for the class.

I found that many of them also had trouble, had only orgasmed a few times in their lives, or not at all. It was such a relief yo shed some of those feelings of embarrassment among friends. Talking about it made me feel proud that I was taking steps to take better care of myself.


Join us inside Finishing School™ Live and discover the step-by-step techniques proven to get you to orgasm

Get instant lifetime access, all the bonuses I mentioned above, extra support via the Community Coaching Calls, and my 30-Day Pleasure-Guaranteed Money-Back Guarantee.


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