Finishing School: Orgasm With A Partner enrollment is currently closed

But don’t worry! It will open up again in February 2019 after an exciting makeover!

In the meantime, I invite you to join my FREE Female Orgasm Masterclass called ‘How To Get There With Your Partner’. In this 4-part video series, you’ll learn:

– The top 5 blockages that prevent women from orgasming with their partner.

– My own personal story around learning how to orgasm with a partner, and the crucial lessons that I learned along the way. (Yes, even sex therapists struggle with orgasm. And yes, I am going to share some super personal stories!)

– Exactly what to do to stop sabotaging yourself and start having orgasms with a partner, whether you’re looking to have your very first orgasm with your partner or want to orgasm with them more consistently.


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