The Passion Project

A couples’ guide to balancing mismatched sex drives and creating a sex life that feels fulfilling to you both


At the beginning of a relationship, sex feels so effortless, so easy. All you have to do is look at each other in a certain way and it’s on! Sometimes you can’t even make it into the bedroom.

Sex feels so special, so intimate, so exciting!

And then, life catches up. Your schedules get busier. You have jobs, kids, pets, and other responsibilities that take up a lot more of your time and your energy than you ever imagined. You don’t feel the desire to be intimate as often, and it certainly takes a lot more than just a look to get you in the mood.

You tackle these other areas of your life as a team, dividing and conquering. One partner takes out the trash and the other washes the dishes. One partner puts the kids to bed while the other puts away all the laundry.

But you can’t split up your sex life! You both have to want to have sex at the same time. And sometimes that can feel like a Herculean task.

Because of these challenges, so many couples believe that sex in a long-term relationship is bound to taper off. But that’s just not true!

You can recapture that magic of the early stages of your relationship, and fall in love with sex – and each other! – all over again.

Introducing… The Passion Project: A Couples’ Blueprint To Rediscovering Desire And Reigniting The Spark

Course Overview

The Passion Project is a twelve-week online course for couples who want to take their sex lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

In this innovative and comprehensive online course, you’ll learn:

How It Works

The Passion Project is delivered in a series of audio workshops, spread out over twelve weeks. Every other week, you’ll have a “date” with your partner where you’ll focus on one of the Five Foundations of sex drive together. You’ll listen to the workshops, and pick specific assignments to try out during the week, on your own and together as a couple.

If you can’t participate during a particular week, it’s no problem! Since everything is pre-recorded, you can listen whenever you have the chance. You’ll also have lifetime access to the course, so there’s no rush to finish. This course is designed to work with your schedule.


Take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary!

I’m Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist and writer specializing in helping you have more fun in the bedroom. I have bachelor’s degrees in human sexuality and sociology from Brown University, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I’m also a licensed psychotherapist. I’ve been working in the sex therapy field since 2002 and have been featured by The New York Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, and many more.

Most importantly, I’m a wife, and I’ve been with my partner for over a decade. I know all about the struggles of keeping the passion alive in a long-term relationship. My relationship has been my best teacher, and I feel deeply honored to share the lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) with other couples.

"This is the best thing we have ever done for our relationship." - AVA AND JAKE N.

Is This For You?

The Passion Project is for you if:

  • You and your partner want to recapture the passion and chemistry of your early days together.
  • You want to learn how to approach sex with more playfulness, curiosity, and exploration. You want to have more fun with sex!
  • You know that your relationship is at its best when you and your partner feel connected in the bedroom.
  • You want to have sex that feels pleasurable and satisfying to both partners.

These are issues that practically all couples experience, so The Passion Project does not discriminate. It’s suitable for couples of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and arrangements.

“ I never dreamed that the two of us could have so much fun with sex. It’s like we are rediscovering each other for the first time, and everything feels new again. We have been having the best sex of our lives thanks to you!”


Course Package

The Passion Project

  • The complete Passion Project system.
    Includes six modules of audio workshops, and six workbooks to guide you through reconnecting with your desire and with each other.
  • Lifetime access to The Passion Project.
    Go through the course on your own schedule and repeat the content whenever you're going through a dry spell.
  • Free access to any and all future upgrades.
    Continue improving your sex life with new tips and techniques.
  • What To Expect When You Purchase

    Your Relationship Is Worth It

    There’s no denying that The Passion Project is an investment. But why shouldn’t you make an investment in the one thing that matters most in life – feeling truly connected to the person you love the most in the world?

    We balk at the idea of investing in our relationships, but is having the latest iPhone or a new pair of shoes really going to make you as happy as that sly little look you and your partner exchange after you’ve just had toe-curling, heart-opening, mind-blowing, soul-satisfying sex?

    Working with me one-on-one for 12 weeks would cost over $6,000, but The Passion Project works out to just a fraction of that.

    Your relationship, your partner, and your sex life are worth investing in.

    Go All In

    You may be wondering about a money-back guarantee. I want to be clear that I don’t offer one. Here’s why: I know that The Passion Project will teach you the tools that you need to keep your sex life vibrant and satisfying for life. But I also know that every couple is on a different timeline. Some couples are ready to go all-in on the program and will notice results immediately. Other couples may need a bit of time to get used to some of the work you’re going to be doing together.

    I am fully transparent about the fact that building a healthy and happy sex life is a process. I don’t want you to put pressure on your relationship to completely transform before a 30-day refund window passes. If you feel rushed to change, that will guarantee that you won’t change. Instead, you’ll have my guarantees of lifetime access and future upgrades to help you keep improving for life.

    Rekindling the Passion

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    You’re Ready For This

    When you and your partner feel connected in the bedroom, your entire relationship feels different. You’re better partners to each other. You’re better parents, better friends, better sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters!

    When you and your partner feel like a team, working together to rev up your sex drives, and create a sex life that felt passionate, intimate, and satisfying to both of you, your sex life becomes this incredibly special project that the two of you are working on together.

    This kind of change is possible for every couple! And the bottom line is that life is too short and too precious to not give our all to our relationships.

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