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4 Couples Communication Problems To Avoid

Learning how to communicate is one of the most difficult tasks a couple is faced with. You need communication to get through every day life, express your feelings for each other, and work through problems. While all relationships are unique, many couples run into the...

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How Awareness Can Improve Your Life

Awareness means noticing what your experience is from moment to moment. This noticing can include feelings, thoughts, sensations, perceptions, images, senses, and anything else that catches your attention. While awareness may seem like a basic task to master, in...

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Top 11 Reasons Why You Might Want To Start Couples Counseling

Most couples start counseling in the midst of a crisis. Things have reached a boiling point, a break-up or divorce may have been threatened, and one or both partners may be feeling hopeless about the possibility of ever returning to normal. If you find yourself...

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