Exposing Our Biggest Relationship Frustrations With Enneagram Expert Tracy O’Malley

June 1, 2023


In over 100 episodes of Pillow Talks, we’ve never had a guest. But we broke the mold to bring on Tracy O’Malley, and after hearing this episode, we think you’ll understand why.

Tracy is a phenomenal Enneagram expert who helps you understand how your personality type affects how you show up in life and love. We thought it would be fun to do a couples session with Tracy, and we gave her full permission to share our strengths and challenges with you. We were absolutely blown away – like jaws on the floor – by how accurately she described our relationship. She explained how our Enneagram types (5 and 7) work in a relationship, the ways we’re accidentally driving each other nuts, and how we can show each other more grace. And she even provided tons of guidance for how people of any type can use the Enneagram to improve their relationships. (Just wait until you hear her tip about our younger selves…)

Whether you’re an Enneagram newbie or pro, or if you just want an intimate peek into the inner workings of our relationship, this episode is a must-listen!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[3:40] The 9 Enneagram Types

[10:50] An introduction to Tracy O’Malley

[14:24] The truth behind the Enneagram

[18:25] Understanding the Enneagram in any relationship

[20:32] Our specific individual types : V

[27:02] Our specific individual types : X

[29:43] Our Enneagram strengths and weaknesses as a couple

[43:53] Explaining The Tritypes

[55:54] How our Tritypes present differently in problem solving

[1:02:50] Comparing ourselves in stress mode

[1:07:25] How to keep the peace when your types clash

[1:13:45] Communication, intent, and integrity

[1:16:35] Enneagrams in the bedroom

[1:21:50] How to find Tracy O’Malley

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