Why We Started Making Out Every Night

November 30, 2023


This episode is all about the most viral piece of content we’ve ever made – why we make out every single night before bed. Our two-minute video has amassed almost 20 million views on social, was talked about on daytime TV shows, and even landed us an interview with the New York Times. We had no idea that this topic would be so popular, but it clearly struck a nerve!

So we decided to break our nightly ritual down for you in more detail and answer the most common questions we get asked. We’re spilling the beans on:

  • Why we decided to do it in the first place
  • If it’s awkward getting it started every night
  • If we still do it even when we’re angry with each other
  • If it makes intimacy feel like an obligation or a chore

Links & resources

Book: Sex Talks: The 5 Conversations That Will Transform Your Love Life

Guide: Art Of Initiation

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