Are You Too Needy?

November 11, 2021


We are socialized to feel like we shouldn’t be NEEDY, but what does that even mean? In this episode we are talking through what a need is, how to get in touch with your needs and wants, and how to express them to your partner.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What neediness is
  • What neediness IS NOT
  • Genuinely helpful tools for addressing neediness in relationships

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[1:07] Why being ‘needy’ is misunderstood

[6:40] How to decipher a need vs. a want/desire

[10:48] Will you die? No. Will you die INSIDE?! Maybe.

[12:08] Gender dynamics and needs/wants + poll results

[15:55] What people DON’T like when you are expressing needs/wants/desires

[18:44] How to practice asking for what you need

[20:00] Do you need something from your partner? Or do you need something from yourself?

[22:24] Tips for asking for what you want from your partner

[24:08] How to make your ask feel softer if you’re worried about saying “I want” or “I need”

[28:11] Specific requests vs. global requests

[30:20] How minimizing your needs can come across even more needy

[31:13] The hard truth about needs and wants

[32:08] Listener Question: “What’s the line between being secure in asking what you want vs. asking for too much?”

[34:58] Listener Question: “What is a need vs. what is an entitlement?”

[37:13] Listener Question: “How do I get my partner to be more needy?”


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