Are You Good In Bed?

November 18, 2021


We turned to our Instagram audience @vanessaandxander to ask them “what makes someone good in bed?” and they DELIVERED. They also opened up on telling us what makes someone bad in bed. Do you really know what actually makes sex good? Listen to find out some major themes we noticed. We’ll unpack our findings and give you practical advice to sharpen your skills in the bedroom.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Qualities that make someone good in bed
  • Specifics on what makes someone bad in bed
  • Tips to make YOU better in bed

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[00:57] Can you even fuck?!

[7:05] It’s poll time! We asked people, “Do you feel like you’re good in bed?”

[8:45] What makes people BAD in bed? There’s a clear winner.

[12:40] “The Jackhammer”

[16:02] Self consciousness in the bedroom

[18:00] Our favorite resource for getting more confident in the bedroom

[22:30] A REAL doozie of a story

[25:28] What makes people GOOD in bed?

[26:34] “Puttin’ on my road work vest!”

[29:10] Horny…for other peoples’ pleasure!

[33:40] Some specific examples of a great sexual partner

[39:19] “Make it intimate, and also NASTY.”

[41:50] When you think about it, sex is really silly

Links & resources

Confidence in the Bedroom Masterclass

PDF of our findings for this episode!

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