The Episode We Almost Didn’t Release…

January 6, 2022


Full transparency: we didn’t know if we were going to release this episode. We’re talking about everything from how we processed the chaos that is the holidays to whether we upheld our “Holiday Classic” sex pact.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to support your partner when they’re in conflict with someone else
  • How our holiday “sex pact” turned out
  • Our sexual requests for each other
  • How we check in with each other after big events

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[00:43] We introduce you to today’s podcast episode, it’s very different from our usual!

[03:20] A recap of what happened over our holidays (some family shit)

[07:12] Vanessa gives an update on her personal therapy journey

[09:50] Xander weighs in on HIS therapy journey and also his feelings about Vanessa’s family

[14:05] A good rule of thumb for when your partner is in conflict with someone else

[17:45] How we did as a couple over the holidays (and we’re sharing a common pitfall)

[21:44] We ask each other how we felt about ourselves during the past few weeks

[25:10] How Xander has grown when Vanessa is going through a difficult time

[30:05] A sexual check in (we made a holiday pact!!)

[34:45] Xander talks about his issue with dark and quiet sex — and we talk about how the “Holiday Classic” actually was

[43:50] We talk about our sexual requests for each other!

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