The Truth About Why We’re Child Free

February 3, 2022


One of the most frequent questions we get is, “Do you have kids?” Followed closely by “why don’t you have any?” While it hasn’t always been an easy journey, we’ve gotten to a place where we’re really comfortable and confident in our choice to be child-free. So today’s episode is all about how we got there!

We get deeply vulnerable and yes, tears were shed. We’re answering your burning questions and discussing how we decided to be child-free, the way we told our families and how they reacted, and the feelings that come up around knowing we won’t have children.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Our journey to becoming child-free
  • How our family and friends feel about our decision
  • The grief that comes with knowing we won’t have children

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[03:11] Why we’re nervous to do a podcast episode on this topic

[10:26] Instagram polls! Plus, the stand-out reasons part of our audience doesn’t want kids

[14:00] We tell our story on how we came to be child-free — get ready for some surprises!

[21:43] Biological clocks, baby smells, and when things started to change

[27:55] Why we’re so grateful for our friends’ honesty around having children

[32:51] The most important point that Vanessa kept coming back to

[36:49] How we communicated this decision to our families and what came up emotionally

[42:27] Friend FOMO and telling new people that we’re not having kids

[47:53] Grief and the decision to be child-free

[56:29] How we feel about couples that DO decide to have children

[58:50] Listener Question #1 “What do you guys use for birth control?”

[01:00:42] Listener Question #2 “Do you think you’ll regret it? What will you do it you DO regret it?”

[01:04:58] Listener Question #3 “What will you do when you get old?”

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