The Ask Us Anything Episode: All Your Burning Questions, Answered!

March 3, 2022


So how DID Xander propose? How often do we really have sex? You’re about to find out in this “ask us anything” style episode, where we answer your most frequently asked, burning questions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Our answer to “How often do you have sex”
  • Whether or not our relationship takes work
  • How talking about sex so frequently impacts our sex life

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[07:09] The story of how we met

[09:15] The reason Xander has never seen Vanessa pee

[14:11] How often do we REALLY have sex?!

[17:32] A “D” a day keeps the doctor away!

[20:23] Our employment history and what led us down this career path

[24:44] Our proposal story…or should we say proposal saga?

[31:14] Does sex ever feel like work to us since it’s our career?

[35:51] “I’m just a fragile little girl with a tiny throat!”

[36:37] Does talking about sex all the time make us want to have less of it?

[39:49] Do we ever get jealous of other relationships?

[43:38] Why we’re not “the gold standard”

[44:43] “Your relationship seems so happy, do you still consider it ‘taking work’?”

[47:11] Rapid fire!!!


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