How To Get Your Partner To Open Up

March 24, 2022


Do you find yourself wishing your partner would share more about their emotions, or at least just more details about how their day went?

If your partner never opens up to you, it can leave you feeling pretty damn lonely. You may even find yourself feeling suspicious about why they won’t share more with you.

In this episode, we’re giving you practical tips on how to get your partner to “open up”, once and for all.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What “opening up” even means in the first place.
  • The results of our Instagram polls. Are women better at opening up than men?
  • Why your partner struggles to open up to you.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[01:20] Our other podcast: Magr’s World

[08:29] Instagram polls! Are women more comfortable opening up and sharing feelings?

[12:31] What does opening up even mean? This phrase gets thrown around a lot.

[16:22] Why saying “I want you to open up” can feel like a personal attack

[18:28] What opening up means to Xander, why he steers clear of “problem solving” with Vanessa when she opens up, and how he knows when to share his feelings

[23:18] How it feels for Vanessa when Xander doesn’t share his feelings/how men are taught to not be emotional

[25:18] How to explain WHY you want your partner to share their thoughts and emotions

[27:19] Why it’s so important to make it feel safe for your partner to open up to you

[31:54] How to “take the lead” and make your partner feel more comfortable

[34:20] Some practical tips for getting your partner to open up

[44:19] Why praise is so important

[46:10] Listener Question #1: “My partner thinks being vulnerable is “weak” and not “manly”, how do I get past this mindset?”

[49:15] Listener Question #2: “How to approach someone who gets immediately defensive and assumes they’re being judged?”

[52:29] Listener Question #3: “What if my partner is so disconnected they don’t even know what they’re feeling to open up?”

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