Busting – And Confirming! – The Wildest Sex Myths

March 31, 2022


Is squirting really just pee? Can pineapple make your vulva taste and smell sweet? What the heck is the deal with belly button sex??

We turned to Instagram to ask, “What’s something you’ve heard about sex and aren’t sure if it’s true?”

Some of these urban legends are funny, some of them are damaging and harmful, and some of them are actually true!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[02:46] The reason we felt compelled to record this episode and “a shed of tooth”

[09:25] Myth #1: Pineapple can make your vulva taste and smell sweet

[11:39] Myth #2: Longer labia = “worn out vagina”

[13:23] The big sausage and the skinny hot dog

[15:27] Myth #3: Blue balls cause excruciating pain

[17:24] Xander’s blue balls story

[19:10] Myth #4: Women can get a UTI if they don’t pee immediately after sex

[21:19] Myth #5: Squirting is just pee

[22:10] Myth #6: Using lube will offend your husband

[28:43] Myth #7: Swallowing cum has health benefits

[33:25] Myth #8: Belly button sex?!

[38:39] Myth #9: Simultaneous orgasm should always happen

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