The Ultimate Butt Stuff Episode

September 8, 2022


No, you’re not having deja vu… Butt Stuff is back!

We originally released a Butt Stuff episode almost a year ago, and it has consistently been one of our top 5 episodes. It has been so popular that we decided to turn it into a course… conveniently named Butt Stuff as well 🤣

In celebration, we decided to re-record a podcast episode with all of your most pressing questions. We cover everything in this episode! Hemorrhoids, hairy buttholes, safety, straight dudes being on the receiving end, and the one big fear that so many of us have… will there be poop?!

We know there’s some fear and anxiety surrounding the back door, because 72% of our Instagram audience said they’re intimidated by butt stuff. But with 67% admitting to still being curious, we decided to bust those myths and give you the facts so you can decide if anal play is worth a try. (Pssst! It is!)

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid common pitfalls by preparing the right way
  • The surprising reasons why anal play can strengthen your relationship
  • Spoiler alert! It’s cleaner than you think

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[7:24] Let’s get into the butt

[8:15] F.O.I.I.M.A. (We are terrible at naming things)

[11:00] The compelling reasons to give anal play a shot

[16:03] Hygiene, safety, and sanitation

[22:15] Truth hurts, but butt stuff doesn’t have to!

[26:59] “Does that make me gay?”

[33:33] “If I have active hemorrhoids can I have anal play?”

[34:15] “Can you actually orgasm from anal?”

[35:33] “Do men care about hairy buttholes?”

[38:06] “I’m afraid that vaginal sex won’t be enough for him after anal”

[40:49] “Is anal sex safe?”

[42:22] “I tried it in the past during a wild drunken night with my partner but it was painful, should I actually try it again?”

[47:28] “How do I talk to my partner about trying anal play?”

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