Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Orgasms

November 10, 2022


There are few things in life we’re more passionate about than orgasms! We want you to understand them, have them, give them, and enjoy them! With so much misinformation out there, it can be tricky to separate fact from fiction. So we decided to create The Orgasm Episode, vulva owner edition!

We polled our Instagram audience for all the orgasm questions you want answered. We talk about everything from questions about clitoris size to squirting to wet dreams. Wanna know how to even identify an orgasm? Have you ever asked yourself why it seems so much easier for penis owners? We cover these hot topics and more as we dish the honest-to-goodness truth about the big O, and give you resources to help on your journey. And if you stick around to the very end, you’ll even get the answer to one of our more controversial questions – “Does Vanessa have an orgasm EVERY time she has sex?”.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The results of our in-depth orgasm survey
  • Our answers to your most challenging orgasm questions
  • The real reasons why we’re closing Finishing School for good

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[7:36] The State of the Orgasm

[12:50] The end of an era

[17:32] Our new focus and specialty

[19:22] Last call!

[26:02] “How do you know when you are having your first orgasm?”

[30:38] “Is it possible to have orgasms in your dreams?”

[33:02] “Please explain squirting in detail. What is it, what isn’t it, and can it be stopped?”

[35:15] “Does clitoris size effect how easy it is for vulva owners to orgasm?”

[36:38] “What do I do when I get too sensitive before orgasm so that I can’t finish?”

[38:05] “How can I make myself finish faster?”

[43:20] “How do I have multiple orgasms?”

[45:55] “My mental health medication impacts my ability to orgasm.”

[47:04] “Is it normal for your orgasm to change after having kids?”

[48:21] “Why do women have to focus so hard on orgasming and men don’t?”

[52:24] Everyone who wants an orgasm, gets an orgasm!

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