Reader’s Request Fridays: Using Your PC Muscles To Help You Become Orgasmic

March 21, 2014

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This week the question comes from Tracy*, who wanted to learn about how to become orgasmic.

Use your PC muscles for multiple orgasms

Today I’m going to focus on one little-known factor in female orgasm: your PC muscles. Your pubococcygeus muscles stretch across most of your pelvis and contribute to your core strength. When you initiate and cut off the flow of urine, you’re activating your PC muscles.

PC muscles play a big role when it comes to orgasm. Your PC muscles involuntarily contract during orgasm, and the strength of the contractions are tied to the strength of the orgasm. Women with weaker PC muscles are more likely to be inorgasmic. Studies have shown that regular exercise of your PC muscles can help you become more orgasmic.

To improve your chances of orgasm and increase the power of your orgasm, you want to get your PC muscles in tip-top shape. Fortunately, this is relatively easy! You can practice isolating and tightening your muscles. For one week, squeeze them 10 times a day. The next week, tighten your PC muscles and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Each day, try to increase your hold time by 1 second, until you get up to 10 seconds. You can practice toning your PC muscles throughout the day, and no one will know what you are up to! You can also try tightening and holding your PC muscles as you masturbate. Try pulsing your muscles repeatedly, to simulate the contractions that accompany orgasm.

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* Names have been changed for privacy

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