Are You Sexually Compatible?

If you and your partner have mismatched sex drives, you might be wondering about whether or not you’re actually compatible with each other in the bedroom. 

It’s a really painful question to consider, especially if your relationship is strong outside of the bedroom. Should you end an otherwise great relationship because the sex isn’t awesome? Or should you endure a lifetime of disconnected, unpleasurable sex?


The Most Important (And Surprising!) Quality That Determines Your Sexual Compatibility


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You Sexual Compatibility Guide Includes:

  • The biggest myth about sexual compatibility, and why it’s so harmful to your sex life.

  • Specific, actionable tips that you can take to improve your compatibility.

  • The most important quality that you and your partner must share.

  • Contains information I share with my private coaching clients in an initial $749 session.


I’m Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist and writer specializing in helping you take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary.

I have bachelor’s degrees in human sexuality and sociology from Brown University, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. I’m also a licensed psychotherapist. I’ve been working in the sex therapy field since 2002 and have been featured by The New York Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Refinery29, and many more.

Most importantly, I’m a wife, and I’ve been with my partner for over a decade. I know all about the struggles of keeping the passion alive in a long-term relationship. My relationship has been my best teacher, and I feel deeply honored to share the lessons I’ve learned (and continue to learn!) with other couples.

Evidently, the class taught me a lot—because after taking it, I started orgasming from someone else’s touch for the first time.


Working with Vanessa saved our marriage.

We’ve struggled with our sex life for years, and had recently begun to lose hope. It felt like there was no way to regain that chemistry we had when we first met.

After working with Vanessa, we realize that we need different things from each other in the bedroom. With a few simple changes, we’re reconnecting like we never have before.