Creative Ways To Role-Play

October 30, 2018

Creative Ways To Role-Play

Once you’ve decided who you’re going to role-play, here are some ways to play around with your characters:

  • Text or email with your partner to get into character. Some people find it a lot easier to role-play over text. Introduce yourself, then talk dirty about what you want to do to or with your partner later.
  • Or you can role-play exclusively via text. It can be really hot to pretend to go about your day normally, but be texting each other as different characters on the sly.
  • Take your role-playing public. Have a “first date” where you role-play your new personalities.
  • Your Halloween costume can do double-duty as a role-playing costume. You can be the same character, or you can use elements of your costume to create a new character.
  • Set up a scene with props. For example, if you’re role-playing a naughty masseuse and their client, you can set up a massage table, play relaxing music, and turn down the lights.
  • Be goofy about it! So many people think they have to be serious with role playing. But you can have just as much fun being silly or campy.
  • Come up with a full story and game plan beforehand. That way you won’t have to worry about what to do in the moment. For example, you can decide that the “pool boy” is going to knock on his employer’s the side door, and apologetically beg for a cup of water. You’ll make small talk for a few minutes, then the employer will ask the pool boy to help with a favor upstairs in the bedroom.

Happy Halloween!

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