Today I’m excited to share that I’ve put together a brand new freebie for (heterosexual) men. Specifically, for men who are struggling with performance anxiety issues like erectile problems, orgasming quickly, taking a long time to orgasm, or not orgasming at all.

When your penis seems to be operating with a mind of its own, it’s easy to get overly fixated on it. You start thinking that the only way to please your partner is to have perfect control over your erection and orgasmic timing.

But that’s just not true.

I’ve been working with male performance issues for years. (I’ve even created a guide for men – The Modern Man’s Guide To Conquering Performance Pressure.) I’ve also worked with the girlfriends and wives of my clients, to better understand how performance issues affect both partners. And I’ve talked with female clients about their experiences sleeping with men with performance issues.

Through these hundreds – maybe even thousands – of conversations, I’ve learned what women actually want in the bedroom (especially when there are performance issues at play).

And it’s not a rock hard penis or a perfectly-timed orgasm. Those things are nice, sure, but they’re not the most important factors for most women.

I want to share that information with you! So I’ve put together a list of the top four things women tell me they really want from you.

Of course, you want to regain control over your penis and orgasm. I have plenty of tools and strategies for that! But the first step towards tackling performance issues is lowering your anxiety levels. And understanding what women really want from you is a great way to do just that.

Ready to learn these secrets?

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