Additional Finishing School Testimonials

“I learned that I love sex, when I truly did not know that before. Previously, it was sort of a chore and I spent some nights praying my husband wouldn’t ‘make a move.’ I am shocked at how much closer we are now.”

“It finally happened this morning! I was sooo aroused that I couldn’t care less taking up all attention and I then only needed a minute of touching myself in the right place to climax – quite mind-blowingly! It still felt soooo good that I could even imagine that one day I might even achieve a second orgasm, under the right circumstances. But I am over the moon with just one and the build-up towards it. Thank you, thank you, thank you from an ecstatic me and very happy [partner]!”

“I now feel empowered to do what I like and not worry about what it shoooouuuuld be like or what it shooooould feel like or what is I shoooouuld sound like when I experience it. This course has given me the freedom to feel that my experience while orgasming might be different from others- and that’s ok.”

“Finishing School has helped me clear my mind, try new techniques, and relax! And they actually work! I was totally surprised by my first orgasm. I definitely was proud of myself.”

“This program helped me realize – I’m not alone. It calmed the nerves and empowered me to feel comfortable experimenting.”

“I learned that I am not broken, I just wasn’t in touch with myself enough.”

“Do it. You learn so much about yourself. Even if I had not learned to orgasm (I did!), it would have been worth it because the physiological part was so awesome. It’s like a therapy session where you leave feeling so much better.”

“I cried tears of pure joy when I had my first orgasm.”

“I have had an excellent experience with Finishing School. I am overjoyed to finally be able to experience something that has been so mysterious to me for so many years.”

“It is a great program – informative, empowering, emotionally rewarding, and worth every penny because IT WORKS.”

“My pleasure is at an all time high. I know that every encounter will be satisfying. My curiosity and interest have increased. My husband doesn’t know what hit him.”

“It made it less daunting and less like a mountain that was impossible to climb. It made it honest, clear, pleasurable and fun.”

“I am not as scared of touching myself or doing what feels good. I am also learning to clear my mind more and stay focused. It is hard work, but enjoyable to learn and figure out more about myself.”

“Discovering that I actually CAN have an orgasm has been amazing.”

“Finishing School made me understand how to prioritize myself and what I need. It taught me to not be afraid.”

“I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise but I learned that I am not the only one that has thought the negative thoughts about orgasm. My thoughts have been worked through and sent packing thanks to Finishing School.”

“I was surprised by the simple concept of diligence working. I preach practice to my students in my professional field all of the time. But, I had never come to terms with my need to put in a little bit of practice on this part of my life.”

“I loved the graph of the different ways to come to orgasm. It was helpful to actually have some examples to try and different combinations.”

“I really got down to the bottom of what was stopping me mentally from orgasming.”

“Do it. You will love it. You are worth it and your orgasm is worth it. Your partner will love working through it with you in Module 3.”

“This is such a valuable experience beyond just learning how to orgasm. You ended learning a lot about yourself and desires.”

“Don’t be shy! I waited too long… and definitely regret not getting started sooner.”