What Do Women Really Think About…? (Masturbation, Butt Stuff, Penis Size, And More!)

May 11, 2023


Our “What Do Men Really Think About” episodes were so popular that we knew we just had to do an episode about what what women are really thinking! So we asked our Instagram community to give us topics they’ve always been curious about, and we turned those questions into polls that we asked women to answer.

This week, we’re sharing what women really think about topics like penis performance issues, masturbation, penis size, period sex (wait until you hear Xander’s story about his college girlfriend), and so much more!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[06:46] How we actually figured out “What do women think about…”

[08:36] What do women masturbate to?

[11:32] What do women think about penis performance issues?

[22:18] What goes through a woman’s mind when she sees a penis?

[23:43] What about penis size?

[36:35] What do women think about same-sex encounters?

[39:13] How do women feel about period sex?

[46:12] What about butt stuff?

[49:11] What are you thinking about during sex?

[51:56] How often does Vanessa think about her to-do list during sex?

[53:11] The other very common reason women are not present in the moment during sex

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