Grief And Sex: Loving Each Other Through A Loss

August 3, 2023


How do you maintain intimacy while grieving?

We’ve had many requests to create this podcast episode, and to be honest, we resisted because the topic felt so heavy. But then we experienced our own loss – our beloved companion, Winston the pug. Suddenly, we were trying to figure out how to navigate sex and grief in our own relationship.

In this incredibly vulnerable episode, we share our experience of mourning. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but we hope our story can help others on the same path. With insights from our community, we explore various approaches to intimacy, recognizing the complexities and intensity of this experience. Tune in to discover how to honor individual grieving processes while finding solace and connection amidst the sorrow. We may be tearful and still in the healing process, but there is still joy to be had, and we’re here to help you find it.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[6:40] Our personal grief story

[12:40] The 3 intimacy-during-grief scenarios

[14:04] Scenario 1: When sex isn’t even on the table

[17:26] This is the time to have the discussions

[19:04] Small scale physical intimacy

[23:02] Advice from the community

[27:39] Scenario 2: When you’re on different pages

[29:57] How giving space makes a difference

[35:01] Navigating the unavoidable awkward moments

[42:29] Non-sexual connection

[44:38] Advice from the community

[45:25] Scenario 3: When you both desire sex

[46:24] You are entitled to other emotions within your grief

[50:50] Moving through the guilt

[51:42] Advice from the community

[52:28] Gratitude

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