What Do I Do When My Partner Is Always On Their Phone?

August 10, 2023


Do you ever find yourself mid-sentence with your partner and realize that they’re not even remotely paying attention to you?

No one wants to feel like they’re competing with a device for their partner’s attention, but it’s not like you can just toss the damn thing out.

If you’re frustrated with your partner’s phone usage, tune into learn practical ways to establish better phone routines and deepen your connection irl with your partner.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[0:44] Phones through the ages

[7:24] How much are you actually on your phone?

[12:26] Is it really something that hurts a relationship?

[14:39] Squeezing every pocket of time

[19:46] The truth about phone addiction

[22:32] “But I’m not nearly as bad as my partner!”

[24:55] Phones can increase intimacy if used correctly :::wink, wink:::

[27:19] A little more conversation, a little accountability

[29:30] Let’s make a plan!

[30:49] The starting line of neutrality

[32:00] Tip #1: Free zones

[35:37] Tip #2: A better way to start and finish

[38:47] Tip #3: Take a “flight”

[41:07] Tip #4: Who doesn’t love a special family/couple ritual?

[42:25] Tip #5: Ask for what you need

[44:10] Tip #6: Don’t leave yourself out of the equation

[47:27] Tip #7: “Hey babe…”

[49:34] Tip #8: Hands down, every couple should be doing this one

[49:54] Tip #9: You bought em, use em!

[51:11] Tip #10: Genuine greetings

[53:12] How to get the message across with love

[54:26] Listener Question #1: Denial

[58:15] Listener Question #2: Impatience vs Expectation

[1:03:15] Listener Question #3: The male bathroom journey

[1:04:48] Listener Question #4: I’m out

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