A Parent’s Guide To Making Time For Sex And Intimacy

September 28, 2023


Whenever we ask parents what gets in the way of intimacy after kids, the most frequent answer we hear is time. As a parent, everything becomes about the kids, and it feels like there’s no space or energy for intimacy.

But your partner and the love you share are special, and deserve your time. So let’s talk about how to create that. We asked the parents in our audience to share their best advice for other parents, and we’ve prepared a buffet of tips to support you on your journey to reconnect!

Tune in and get ready to reignite the spark in your relationship, even amidst the beautiful chaos of parenthood.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[6:49] Take what you like, leave the rest

[9:08] The transparency of our POV

[11:01] Adjusting your mindset

[11:53] Tip #1 – Creating solid foundations

[14:19] Tip #2 – Solidarity in the struggle

[15:24] Tip #3 – Creating the simmer

[18:01] Tip #4 – More options equals more excitement

[20:36] Tip #5 – We vs Me

[22:25] Tip #6 – Being the example

[22:50] Putting it on the calendar

[23:17] Tip #7 – Sexual AND Connection Intimacy

[24:05] Tip #8 – A pact with yourself

[29:13] Tip #9 – Some tiny adjustments you can make guilt-free

[31:39] Time thieves

[36:50] Tip #10 – The laundry can wait!

[42:10] Tip #11 – Same time, same place

[42:32] Tip #12 – The classic FF rule

[44:11] Tip #13 – Have babysitter, will travel

[44:46] Tip #14 – Bonus Tip Speed Round

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