How To Navigate Different Political, Social, And Religious Beliefs In Dating And Relationships

August 26, 2021

Politics, religion and social issues are already such divisive topics, so what happens when you disagree about them in a relationship?

Should differing beliefs be dealbreakers? Are they enough to end a relationship over?

In today’s episode, Vanessa and Xander tackle these thorny questions!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Our Instagram audience’s thoughts when it comes to relationships with differing beliefs.
  • Tips for navigating different political, social, and religious beliefs, whether you’re dating or already in a relationship.
  • Our own experience with differing beliefs.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[3:03] What our audience thinks about being in a relationship with differing beliefs, and other research on the topic.

[9:29] Tip #1: Get clear on what’s important to you and why.

[11:15] Why you should ask yourself where your beliefs come from.

[13:39] Tip #2: Get curious about your partner’s beliefs.

[17:09] Tip #3: Look for commonalities with your partner.

[19:21] The importance of validating your partner’s beliefs.

[20:46] Tip #4: See the value in being exposed to different beliefs.

[26:59] Tip #5: Value open mindedness over agreement.

[28:44] The differing belief Vanessa and Xander had early on in their relationship.

[33:48] Tip #6: The importance of setting some boundaries.

[37:58] Tip #7: Celebrate your commonalities outside of religion/politics.

[40:08] Listener question: “How do I stop my partner from trying to convert me to their point of view?”

[45:52] Listener question: “I just ended a relationship because we had different political beliefs. I’m not sure how to address that going forward. Do I put this as a dealbreaker on my dating profile? Do I ask these questions right away with someone new?”

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