Should We Open Our Relationship?

December 23, 2021


Have you ever thought about opening up your relationship? Have WE ever thought about opening up our relationship? Some see it as a necessity to fully express their sexuality while others think it might be the perfect salve for a hurting relationship. One thing’s for sure, open relationships are subject to a lot of misconceptions. Tune in to find out what open relationships are all about, and find out if WE are taking the steps toward this relationship structure.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What people get wrong about opening their relationship
  • What you need to consider before entering into non-monogamy
  • 10 key ingredients to successfully open your relationship

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[00:50] Xander sings an interlude from the Internet’s “favorite” band

[06:52] What IS an open relationship?

[08:48] Why you might want to open your relationship

[11:00] Should someone force themselves into monogamy?

[13:11] So, how much of our audience is in a consenting open relationship?

[17:15] Are WE in an open relationship? (And all about our sex dungeon…)

[18:44] The things you need to have in place to open your relationship in a healthy way

[20:41] What are the WRONG reasons to enter into non-monogamy?

[24:45] A non-negotiable you need to know about

[30:17] What do boundaries look like in an open relationship?

[35:45] “The work” and why you absolutely have to do it

[41:36] Why YOU should be a major focus, no matter what

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