What Do Men REALLY Think About… ? (Vulvas, Emotional Intimacy, And More!)

June 16, 2022

Every day we get DMs from women asking Xander what men REALLY think about everything from pubic hair to emotional intimacy.

We decided we had to devote an entire podcast episode to this topic, so we gathered your most common questions and concerns, and put Xander in the hot seat. We also asked the men in our Instagram audience for their feedback. We’re giving you an invaluable peek inside the hearts and minds of men all over the world.

Topics include:

  • Cellulite
  • How many sexual partners a woman has had
  • Do men compare their partner to others?
  • Vulvas (smell, look, taste)
  • Giving oral sex

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[05:50] Before we get into the episode, Vanessa gives an (important) disclaimer

[08:31] Xander gives HIS disclaimer — it’s a double disclaimer!

[09:19] We’re tackling our most asked question first: what do men think about pubic hair? Xander gives us his insight first

[12:35] Some responses on pubic hair from men in our Instagram audience

[16:08] We talk about how men are socialized to approach emotional intimacy

[19:32] Xander speaks from his own experiences with emotional intimacy and how sex plays into the equation

[22:28] “Are men as grossed out by my cellulite as I am?”

[24:31] “Do men really care about how many people a woman has slept with?”

[27:08] Xander gives his opinion why some men DO care about a woman’s “number”

[28:08] What the men of our Instagram audience thinks on the topic of “numbers”

[28:40] “I’m concerned that my man is often comparing me to other women and that I will never be enough. Do men do this?”

[32:52] We’re talking about vulvas! What do men really think about them (smell, look, taste)?

[36:50] Are men REALLY not grossed out by oral?

[38:30] Our one final reminder that we’ll leave you with — this one is important!

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