The 69 Episode

June 9, 2022

Love it or hate it, 69 is one of the most infamous sex acts. We just had to give it it’s own episode, especially since today is also 6/9.

We’re sharing how we really feel about 69, plus 6.9 amazing tips for having the most fun in this position. You also do not want to miss the hilarious stories our audience shared with us!

But that’s not all! It’s also the 1 year anniversary of the Pillow Talks Podcast! We asked you for your favorite moments and jokes from the year, and we’re sharing some of your answers. It’s a really fun walk down memory lane!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where 69ing comes from
  • Why some people hate it and some people love it
  • Some of our favorite 69 tips!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[04:47] We reminisce about Pillow Talks as we celebrate one year of the podcast!

[08:06] Our audience shares some of their favorite funniest Pillow Talks memories

[15:36] We give the 411 on 69 plus some interesting Instagram polls

[17:10] 69’s origin story

[19:38] Instagram tells us what they DON’T like about 69ing

[20:28] We share OUR perspectives on the position

[23:32] What people LOVE about 69ing!

[26:41] We start our favorite 6 tips — #1: Let it be awkward at first!

[29:04] Our favorite ways to work around a height difference

[30:53] How to use your hands during 69

[32:57] Adding anal play

[33:41] Using toys with this position

[34:13] How to communicate during and before 69ing

[36:09] Bonus tip — our favorite resource for mind-blowing oral sex

[36:57] The funniest 69 stories from our audience

[41:00] Xander gives his honest opinion (and some reassurance) about seeing your partner’s butthole

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