The Sex Act You Should Be Doing – But Probably Aren’t

June 30, 2022


Today’s episode is about one of the most underrated sex acts that you’re probably not doing… mutual masturbation!

Even if your face is already beet red, we’re going to do our best to convince you why masturbation isn’t something you should do alone or in secret.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The many benefits of mutual masturbation
  • Why it’s something you should consider
  • How to do it with confidence

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[6:49] The strong feedback we got from Instagram.

[8:10] How Purity Culture puts masturbation in a shame bubble.

[9:50] How to normalize the taboo feelings of masturbation.

[11:11] The benefits of Mutual Masturbation.

[12:38] The ultimate rut buster.

[13:24] How to give it to them the way they like 😉

[15:48] The surprising ways this act can be so intimate

[18:41] Why talking about sex is 100% necessary in a long-term relationship.

[19:33] Sexy ways to initiate mutual masturbation.

[21:38] The Dream Scheme.

[24:30] A mutual masturbation marketing issue.

[27:34] Addressing the awkward.

[30:31] Ways to ease in.

[35:35] Our question for you!

[36:35] Listener Question #1: I want to try it, but I lay on my stomach when I masturbate and I’m worried that isn’t sexy.

[40:08] Listener Question #2: Does phone sex or facetime sex count?

[41:26] Listener Question #3: Are you supposed to coordinate simultaneous orgasms?

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