Does Your Partner Care Enough About YOUR Pleasure?

August 4, 2022


Do you ever find yourself feeling kinda… disappointed after intercourse with your partner?

Or worse, faking it just to “get it over with”?

Maybe you’ve tried talking to him about it and telling them you need more, but he got defensive and nothing changed.

This episode has been a long time coming! We hear SO many stories from our audience about how men just don’t prioritize female pleasure as much as they should.

There are a lot of reasons why there’s such a huge orgasm gap in male-female sex, so we break it down into 3 main categories, complete with real-life examples. (Including an example from our own relationship!)

We firmly believe that everyone who wants an orgasm, gets an orgasm. This episode will take you through, step-by-step, exactly to make sure that happens!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The real reasons why men fall into this habit
  • Straightforward solutions to turn things around
  • When to say enough is enough

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[8:12] Have you ever been with a male partner that seemed not to care about your pleasure?

[11:25] Category 1: He gives zero effort

[15:07] Listener Scenario #1: “I actually did not orgasm the first two years with my husband.”

[18:38] Overcoming performance issues and delusions of grandeur without the fake “O” face

[21:19] How to address the elephant in the room: your orgasm (or lack thereof)

[25:47] Category 2: The bare minimum does not even tip the scales

[28:02] Tales of Xander learning the ropes

[33:15] Listener Scenario #2: “If I get an orgasm during sex it is almost always after the intercourse…an afterthought”

[36:51] Wanna know a truly simple way to turn things around?


[43:44] Category 3: He is truly being a jerk

[44:50] Listener Scenario #3: “My husband never makes an effort…”

[45:27] Listener Scenario #4: “My hubby of nine years has only given me oral once…he says that any guy who says he enjoys it is not telling the truth”

[46:40] Listener Scenario #5: “My husband does not care, makes jokes at my expense, tells me how gross my vagina is, and blames me for my experiences”

[50:22] Trigger Warning: We discuss a listener response that addresses physical pain and the line of consent and respect

[55:09] Red flags and setting boundaries

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