Hot Takes: How We REALLY Feel About Your Most Requested Topics

September 1, 2022


Definition of hot take: a quickly produced, strongly worded, and often deliberately provocative or sensational opinion or reaction. You guys are always asking us for our “hot takes” on some of the most divisive sex topics like threesomes, strip clubs, pegging, 69, and even the age old spit vs swallow debate, so we decided to put them all together in one episode!

We’re getting real and holding nothing back as we dish on over a dozen hot topics that you sent in. (Spoiler alert: we don’t agree on all of them!) Some of our answers may surprise you, but we promise you will be entertained.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A sneak peek at our sex life. Have we had a threesome? Has Vanessa pegged Xander?
  • What we think is worth the effort (and what we don’t!)
  • Practical advice on how to handle some of these difficult topics

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[5:37] Disclaimer right off top

[7:27] The low down on going down – is it degrading to give a blowjob?

[9:26] Male feminist declarations

[10:28] Spit or swallow?

[12:27] Sexual self care: let’s talk facials

[14:21] Dinner for 2- $69

[16:38] The value of lingerie

[18:43] Fantasy vs Reality of the threesome

[22:06] Do loose lips sink ships?

[27:17] Balls deep in some serious smut

[34:27] Getting real about butt stuff

[36:16] V is for Vibrators!

[39:42] Get yourself a better toy

[44:32] A little vab will do ya!

[45:32] Is the danger worth the novelty of road head?

[46:49] Vanilla doesn’t have to mean boring

[48:57] Don’t be afraid of strip clubs

[52:27] Lightning round!

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