The True Story Of How We Built A Sex Therapy Business

August 25, 2022


You’ve asked us over email, Instagram, YouTube, everything short of a carrier pigeon… How the heck did we get into the sex therapy business? And do we manage working and living together every day as a married couple? The time has come for us to share all the details about our business, from how we started to where we are now.

You’ll hear about it all… Vanessa floundering to figure out her path. Why we moved to Berlin. Xander’s identity crisis. Our most embarrassing moments, and plenty of business “fails.” We get vulnerable about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the journey that took us from corporate hell to living out our dreams together.

And stick around to the end to be the first to hear what’s coming next!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The one conversation that sparked it all
  • How we choose our HR policies (people always get excited about this when we talk about it on Instagram!)
  • Why Vanessa no longer does 1:1 sex therapy
  • How this business affects our sex life

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[03:43] The moment we knew

[06:25] Finding the path less taken

[13:30] The universe was not exactly subtle

[17:53] “The Pleasure Principle” started it all

[25:05] Paying the price when it’s more rain than rainbows

[31:30] Becoming the Carrie Bradshaw of Bustle and switching gender roles

[33:00] Xander gets a taste of sex therapy

[39:40] Walking the walk of our dream company culture and values

[46:21] Shit gets real in the year 2020

[50:45] How we found the courage to share our personal life as a couple

[52:00] Breaking News: the current status of our business

[56:30] Does talking about sex all day make us not want to have sex with each other?

[1:00:00] Spoilers and Sneak Peaks

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