What Do Men REALLY Think About… Part Two! (Lingerie, Boobs, Money, Queefing, and More!)

September 15, 2022


Xander is back in the hot seat today answering the tough questions… What do guys REALLY think about lingerie? Can they handle a woman who makes more money or has a higher sex drive? When it comes to breasts, do they care about size or symmetry? Nipple size or color?

We also polled the men in our Instagram community so we could take an even deeper look at the male psyche.

And we even talk about the two topics that have caused some serious issues in our relationship.

Don’t miss the laughter, the deep dives, and return of Xander’s dulcet tones serenading the podcast!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How men’s egos and socialization play into so many of these situations
  • The things that we may be worrying about for no reason
  • The surprising male response to queefing

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[2:41] Is Xander a Macho Man?

[9:31] Do men spend this much time thinking about what women think?

[13:36] Are we more concerned about the 99% and not our partners?

[15:43] A different way of thinking about lingerie

[19:25] Women with a higher sex drive – problematic?

[25:57] Can the male ego survive a woman making more money?

[29:14] Xander gets deeply vulnerable about gender roles

[35:45] “Boobs are like snowflakes”

[40:00] Xander gets put on the spot about ex-girlfriends

[41:20] Projecting our insecurity onto our partner

[44:45] The beef with a queef

[47:19] Heavy makeup vs the natural look

[51:30] Giving sex a vocal soundtrack

[52:34] A man’s perspective on pegging

[56:44] What the hell are you thinking about when you’re pooping for an hour???

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