How Often Is Everyone REALLY Having Sex? And What’s Healthy For Your Relationship?

July 21, 2021

Everyone wants to know what the magic amount of sex is to keep their relationship healthy. So many of us think that if we hit a certain quota, it means our relationship is in a good place.

So we decided to do a little experiment to see what the sex lives of our followers really look like. We created a sexual frequency and satisfaction survey, and we’ve now had 12,000 people respond!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how often our 12,000 survey responders have sex.
  • The relationship between sexual frequency and sexual satisfaction.
  • How other factors like kids and age relate to sexual frequency.
  • Your optimal sexual frequency (it’s not what you think!).

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[3:35] Our sexual frequency experiment

[6:18] The big reveal: the magic amount of sex you should be having

[10:50] What questions we asked our survey responders

[17:17] The difference in responses from couples with kids

[19:21] How age factors into sexual frequency

[22:56] The majority of people want to be having more sex

[27:30] How to find the right sexual frequency for your relationship

[27:48] Tip #1: Forget about the honeymoon stage

[30:25] Tip #2: Expand your definition of sex

[32:27] Tip #3: Focus on quality sex

[33:20] Tip #4: Respect each other’s needs

[37:49] Tip #5: Make the effort more frequently than you feel the desire

[39:17] Listener question: What if your partner is too tired from work?

[41:28] Listener question: How do we find the balance of accepting seasons of less sex, versus we need to put some effort and work into our sex life?

[43:53] Listener question: I’m a woman who wants sex more often than my male partner. How do I deal with feelings of rejection when he doesn’t want to have sex with me?

[45:33] Listener question: Why do we as a society focus more on frequency rather than quality?

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