Why Missionary Is (Secretly) Our Favorite Position

February 9, 2023


Is it OK if you and your partner keep finding yourselves coming back to the missionary position during sex? Does that make your relationship – gasp! – vanilla? Missionary often gets judged as being boring, predictable, or beginner, and a lot of us feel embarrassed to admit that we like it.

Well, take it from a sex therapist… vanilla is popular for a reason. Missionary can be wildly intimate, erotic, and even kinky when it’s done right. In this episode, we show you all the different ways to spice up Missionary. You don’t have to step outside of the box every night to have a smoking hot sex life; just a few tweaks can majorly turn up the heat!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What makes this position an all-star
  • How to up the wow-factor for vulva owners
  • All the little ways to perfect the Missionary position

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[3:18] Take it from a sex therapy couple

[8:57] Why does “vanilla sex” get so much grief?

[15:38] What is it that makes it Xander’s fave?

[19:23] Add a little…spice!

[29:50] How to change the minds of 90% of our female audience

[35:48] It can get even better for men, too

[38:45] Throw it, squeeze it, touch it

[42:24] How intimate is too intimate?

[45:49] Rapid fire pro-tips

[49:51] “As a guy, how do I hold my weight up???”

[55:08] “I always feel like I’m just staring at my husband’s nipples”

[56:26] “How do I avoid the body queef?”

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