“Is This Normal?” 15 Questions You Never Dared To Ask Out Loud

February 16, 2023


Have you ever had a question that you were too embarrassed to even Google? You know, the kinda stuff that you don’t even talk about with your best friend. The stuff that makes you ask, “Is this normal?”

Well we have, and that’s why we decided to make an episode covering all the topics you can’t ask anywhere else. We asked you for your most embarrassing questions, then polled them all on Instagram. We collected enough evidence to prove, definitively, that no matter how you feel about any of these topics, you are certainly not alone!

Tune in to hear us reveal some surprising outcomes, some hysterical hot takes, and the truth about what it means to be “normal”.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[2:31] The long and short of what is “normal”

[6:51] Poll #1: Scratch and Sniff

[9:43] Poll #2: Dreamlover

[14:05] Poll #3: Leave the backdoor open

[16:17] Poll #4: Is it okay to miss you yet?

[20:29] Poll #5: Dry as a bone, minus the bone

[22:33] Poll #6: No rest for the wicked

[25:10] Poll #7: Hotwifing

[30:50] Poll #8: Small Talk? More like No Talk!

[34:23] Poll #9: It’s not a myth!

[36:19] Poll #10: Self-Love

[39:25] Poll #11: Wandering minds

[42:19] Poll #12: Switching sides in my mind

[45:49] Poll #13: Wet panties

[48:02] Poll #14: The monogamy scale

[51:02] Poll #15: Survey says…70% have no idea

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