The Passion Project – Reviews

“Vanessa saved our marriage. Sex had been a problem for us for years, and every time we tried to talk about it, we’d get into a massive fight. The word ‘divorce’ was thrown around more than a few times. Vanessa helped us realize how badly we had miscommunicated about our needs. She patiently guided us through a series of incredibly helpful exercises, and helped us get back on the same page.”

– Dave and Ashley S.

“What Vanessa has done for us is just amazing. She gave us extremely in-depth, very clear, and realistic exercises that we could easily incorporate into our sex life. She has a true talent for speaking really naturally and nicely about things that people usually find awkward or difficult.”

– Michelle D. and Paige R.

“I never dreamed that the two of us could have so much fun with sex. It’s like we are rediscovering each other for the first time, and everything feels new again. We have been having the best sex of our lives thanks to you!”

– Robin T. and Damien H.

“It was challenging to even think about exploring these issues, but knowing that you’re an expert to help makes it much easier. It was a big investment for me, but I need to continue investing in myself at this point in my life. I now feel confident that I can get unstuck and take control over an area that I’m typically so passive in.”

– Jenna W.

“This is the best thing we have ever done for our relationship.”

– Ava and Jake N.