My Newest XoJane Article: Being A Supportive Partner When Your Man Has PE or ED

May 6, 2014

Men (of the hetero variety), you are going to want to bookmark my newest XoJane article and send it to your female friends, girlfriends, and wives. It is all about being a good partner when your man is struggling with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. A lot of men come in to see me for performance issues, and many of them frequently state the desire to have a more understanding partner.

How to manage ED and PE


In the XoJane article, I go over the common reactions women have to performance issues (and why they have them), the reasons why I don’t think we give men enough credit for how much pressure is on you during sex, and specific suggestions for making sex less tense and more pleasurable. My ultimate goal is to help men and women become more compassionate and sensitive to the struggles we each face during sex. Please head over to XoJane to read the full thing!


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