I’ve Never Talked About This Publicly Before! (New Video!)

February 26,2019

I’ve been hinting at this since the beginning of the month, and the time has finally come to reveal the surprise.

I’m in the middle of creating a brand new video series all about learning how to orgasm with your partner!

And the first video is ready for you to watch!

By watching this free masterclass, you’re going to learn:

• The top 5 blockages that prevent women from orgasming with their partner.
• My own personal story around learning how to orgasm with a partner, and the crucial lessons that I learned along the way. (Yes, even sex therapists struggle with orgasm. And yes, I am going to share some superpersonal stories!)
• Exactly what to do to stop sabotaging yourself and start having orgasms with a partner, whether you’re looking to have your very first orgasm with your partner or want to orgasm with them more consistently.

The first video is called “How I Realized I Was Sabotaging My Orgasm.”

This has been an insanely exciting and scary project for me to start working on, because I am getting really personal. In this video series, I talk about my own orgasm struggles.

I learned how to orgasm on my own, but I spent years and years not being able to have them with a partner.

I know how easy it is to feel alone when you’re struggling with your orgasm.To feel like you’re broken. To feel like you’re the only woman in the world who can’t get there.

So that’s why I wanted to be super vulnerable, and create this video series to share my story. If you struggle to orgasm with a partner, I want to help you know that you’re not alone, and that there is hope.

I also want to help you learn how to actually have consistent and pleasurable orgasms with your partner!

Because even though I was so scared that I would never be able to get there, I did finally learn how to orgasm with my partner, and I’ve now been happily having orgasms with my husband, whenever I want.

In this video series, I’m going to be sharing five major mistakes I realized I was making with my orgasm, and what I did to fix them.

I can practically guarantee that you’re making at least one of these mistakes, so these videos are going to be life-changing for you!

I promise you, each of these videos are going to be worth the few minutes they will take to watch.

At the end of this video series, you’re going to know that you’re not alone.

You’re going to know that you’re not broken

You’re going to know that you deserve to have orgasms.

You’re going to know the exact steps you need to take to start orgasming with your partner.

And the best part of all of this?

This video series is totally free!

The only catch is that the videos won’t be available for long

So if you want to learn how to stop sabotaging your orgasm, and actually start orgasming with a partner, make sure to watch “How I Realized I Was Sabotaging My Orgasm” ASAP!

Click here to watch the first video in my free orgasming with a partner masterclass, “How I Realized I Was Sabotaging My Orgasm”!


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