Our 100th Episode Extravaganza: The Ultimate Round of “Know Ya Boo”

April 20, 2023


Can you believe this is our 100th episode??? We knew we had to do something super special to commemorate the occasion, so we decided to play “Know Ya Boo” (bonus points if you get the Parks and Rec reference).

You guys gave us 50 questions, and our job was to guess each other’s answers. The results had us in stitches from start to finish. There’s even one answer that we had to censor. Make sure you listen all the way through to get the scoop on which one of us comes out on top. (Let’s just say Vanessa got a little too excited to turn it into a competition!)

Afterwards, you can play our version of Know Ya Boo with your partner. DM us with how it went, and if you beat our scores!

In all seriousness though, doing 100 episode of Pillow Talks has been an honor and a joy. Thank you for coming along for the ride with us!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[3:56] This is a real ass podcast

[5:45] Shoutout to Parks and Rec!

[15:00] “What is your favorite part of your own body?”

[15:43] “What is the #1 thing on my Mental Load list that I would like erased forever?”

[17:26] “What is my favorite salad dressing?”

[18:15] “What is my biggest pet peeve?”

[20:54] “If I could have any superpower, what would I choose?”

[22:37] “How old was I when I got my first kiss?”

[24:36] “What is my lucky/favorite number?”

[25:15] “What is the first thing I’d do if I won the lottery?”

[26:09] “What is your favorite food that I make?”

[26:33] “What’s an animal that gives me the ick?”

[28:45] “What is my favorite sleeping position?”

[29:25] “What is my favorite cookie?”

[33:31] “What is my biggest irrational fear?”

[34:33] “Would I rather have a summer house, a year long vacation, or a boat?”

[35:51] “What is my order: sock shoe sock shoe, or sock sock shoe shoe?”

[36:18] “What is my favorite sex act?”

[36:33] “What was my worst childhood injury?”

[38:09] “What’s a seasoning or sauce that I could never live without?”

[38:45] “What is my guilty pleasure song or artist?”

[39:23] “What is my favorite meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner?”

[39:50] “What is my greatest turn off?”

[40:48] “Who was my childhood hero?”

[42:27] “What emoji do I use the most?”

[43:21] “Which leg do I put my pants on first?”

[43:42] “What is my favorite way to have eggs?”

[44:23] “What is my favorite non-obvious erogenous zone?”

[45:11] “What is my favorite vacation we have gone on together?”

[45:44] “What is one food that I will never eat?”

[46:54] “What is my favorite time of day to have sex?”

[47:20] “What is my favorite scent?”

[47:47] “How do I like my underwear folded?”

[48:03] “What is my favorite beverage?”

[48:09] “What is my favorite non-domesticated animal?”

[50:14] “What country would I most want move to?”

[51:00] “Do I fold or crumple toilet paper?”

[51:22] “What is my least favorite food?”

[52:21] “What was my first job?”

[52:57] “What do I think is my greatest strength?”

[53:40] “What was my favorite childhood cereal?”

[54:55] “What would be my walk-up song if I was a baseball player?”

[55:38] “Who is my celebrity crush?”

[56:38] “What was my first concert?”

[57:50] “What is my favorite guide or course that we offer?”

[58:10] “What is my favorite thing to shop for?”

[58:44] “Do I prefer the window or the aisle seat?”

[59:22] “What is a fun law I would make if I were president?”

[59:58] “What is my favorite book?”

[1:00:45] “What is my shoe size?”

[1:01:11] “What is an ordinary habit that you do that turns me on?”

[1:02:12] “What do I love the most about you?”

[1:02:44] The Final Countdown

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