How Vanessa Turned Her Orgasm Struggles Into A Sex Therapy Business!

August 5, 2021


When you hear the words “Sex Therapist”, you probably think of someone who knows exactly what they want and how to get it in the bedroom, right?

So what happens when an aspiring sex therapist is struggling with her orgasm?

In this interview-style podcast, Vanessa tells her own personal orgasm journey, and how it inspired her to start a business teaching thousands of women how to orgasm.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why faking orgasm is so detrimental to your mental and sexual health
  • The mindset shifts Vanessa had to make to finally start having real orgasms
  • How her orgasm led to her starting this business
  • The biggest lessons we’ve learned from teaching thousands of women how to orgasm

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[4:12] The moment that inspired Vanessa to get into sex therapy

[8:46] The surprising place Vanessa had her first orgasm

[13:17] Xander’s first introduction to female orgasm

[14:16] When Vanessa starting faking orgasms

[18:41] The real impact of faking orgasms

[26:20] The cringe-worthy moment that made Vanessa give up faking for good

[32:22] Xander’s journey with orgasm

[36:50] How Vanessa’s life changed once she started orgasming

[45:25] What led Vanessa to starting the business

[49:04] Our biggest takeaways from teaching thousands of women how to orgasm

[52:04] The 3 most common orgasm blockages

[55:12] How you can get started on your orgasm journey

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Quiz: Start your orgasm journey here

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