Childfree Marriage – Our Life Without Kids (Update)

August 3, 2021

Exactly 1 year ago, we published a video about the fact that we’re not planning to have kids. At the time, it was something we had never really talked about publicly before, so it felt like a HUGE deal.

We were really nervous to put that video out, but reading your comments and seeing the feedback has made us feel so much better about being so vulnerable.

We now received hundreds of messages from people who felt the same, people who want or already have kids but really respected our decision and our reasons, and people who were undecided and found our video really helpful.

In today’s video, we want to follow up our popular video and check in about how we’re feeling exactly 1 year later. Plus we’re going to share some of the comments we received on our original video!


Original YouTube Video: We Don’t Want Children. – Childfree Marriage

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