So You Think You Know Us? Answering Your Assumptions!

August 17, 2023


What do you assume or secretly suspect about us? Or what have you simply been curious about?

In this episode, we’re diving headfirst into the assumptions you sent our way after we posted those questions on Instagram. From light-hearted and sexy to profoundly personal, your submissions held nothing back, and we’re sharing our vulnerable and honest truths! Our goal? To make you chuckle, perhaps catch you off guard (like we were when reading some of these), and give you a peek behind the curtain.

Join us for a hilarious episode that will challenge your assumptions and have you shouting, “I did not see that coming!”

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[5:30] “I want OUT!”

[6:18] “Sexual perfection”

[11:28] “It’s NOT that great”

[13:36] “Sex room in the mansion”

[15:12] “Superhero-level body confidence”

[18:50] “Tight and tidy”

[19:52] “Reverse the roles and give me control”

[32:37] “We “teached” each other”

[35:07] “Mo money, NO problems”

[38:10] “Nepo babies”

[40:37] “It’s Vanessa, Ms. Marin if you’re nasty”

[41:14] “She’s got a real mouth on her”

[45:55] “Risky business and loving the limelight”

[49:42] “Winnie the Pooh videos”

[50:49] “You never stop talking about it”

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