The Foreplay Episode: The 5 Things We’re All Getting Wrong

August 24, 2023


Foreplay? More like the BEST way! Today we’re talking about the part of sex that never gets the credit it deserves – foreplay!

Foreplay is the number one way to get your partner to orgasm, and one of the best ways to create more intimacy, connection, and excitement. With all those benefits, why aren’t we doing it more often? 88% of men and 59% of women say they want more! But 67% of women feel like they’re “too needy” for wanting foreplay, 56% say they struggle to receive it, and 62% say foreplay feels boring or awkward. With numbers like that, we know you can relate!

In today’s episode, we lay out the 5 things we’re all getting wrong about foreplay, how to have more, and how to make it better than ever.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[0:00] Are you having BestWay?

[6:38] The Foreplay Conversation

[11:39] Number 1: Half-assing it

[16:30] Biology doesn’t lie

[21:32] Number 2: Means to an end

[24:04] Boner coaching

[31:08] It’s the journey, man!

[34:42] You get to decide the recipe

[36:07] Number 3: It’s ok to say “Yes!”

[40:46] Your pleasure is THEIR pleasure, too

[41:51] Pro Tip – It doesn’t have to be identical

[45:11] Number 4: It’s not magic, it’s a conversation

[48:32] “How do I give feedback?”

[51:39] Number 5: The pleasure principle

[53:24] The Fucking Fairytale has done it again

[55:03] Pro Tip – Compare and share

[56:40] The Ultimate Foreplay Guides

Links & resources

Guide: The Ultimate Foreplay Guides

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