“Why Do Guys Do This?” – Xander Explains Male Behavior

September 7, 2023


Today we’re putting Xander in the hot seat and making him answer all your burning questions about male behavior. Why do they hook boobs? Why are they such big babies when they’re sick? And of course, the age-old question: what’s the deal with their marathon bathroom visits? Get ready for lots of laughter and some eye-opening insights.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[7:01] Disclaimer: Xander is doing his best lol

[8:29] Bathroom Braggadocious

[13:39] Speaking of which, why are they in there so long???

[21:23] The boob honk, groping, and other goofy initiations

[29:34] Breaking down the jackhammer

[34:46] The avoidance of hard convos

[40:50] The Sneeze Yeller

[43:15] Man-baby syndrome

[46:10] The truth about ball play

[49:11] “I told him the plans and he immediately “forgets” them”

[55:23] The Porn Appeal

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