When She Wants It More: Navigating Mismatched Libidos When The Woman Has A Higher Drive

September 14, 2023


Are you a woman who wants sex more than your male partner? All we see on TV, movies, and social media is men wanting it more, so if that’s not the case in your relationship, you may feel like something is horribly wrong.

But after polling our community, we found that almost half of male-female relationships have this dynamic! That has even been the case for us in seasons of our relationship.

We’re here to remove the shame, show you how normal it is for the woman to want sex more often, and tell you what to do to balance your libidos. Because mismatched sex drives – regardless of who has the higher drive – don’t need to be a dealbreaker.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Real life responses from men and women about how higher female libido affects them
  • The 4 ways couples accidentally make things worse
  • The single most overlooked step that could make a world of difference

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[7:04] “Aren’t men supposed to want it more?”

[10:08] “I can’t IMAGINE that!”

[13:15] “I feel rejected, inadequate, and like he’s not attracted to me.”

[14:43] “I feel emasculated, frustrated, like I’m letting her down.”

[16:23] Our personal changing season of sex drive dynamics

[29:54] Accidental Mistake #1: “The Elephant In The Room”

[30:51] Accidental Mistake #2: “I was just joking”

[32:51] Accidental Mistake #3: “I’ll just settle for less”

[34:25] Accidental Mistake #4: “The Standoff”

[35:42] Part of the 45%

[37:10] Not everything needs a label

[40:50] Desire is so much more than attraction

[44:50] Let us help you start the conversation (figuratively and literally)

[48:05] “What does sex mean to you?”

[49:13] The myth of lowering your sex drive

[50:34] Don’t skip this step!

[51:48] The Art of Initiation

Links & resources

Guide: Art Of Initiation

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