Are You Sexually Compatible?

March 10, 2022


“Are we sexually compatible?” This haunting question comes up in the majority of relationships at some point. So what does it actually mean when it starts to feel like you’re not sexually compatible?? Is your relationship doomed?

The answer is – it depends! In this episode, we’re digging into sexual compatibility using an exciting new model Vanessa developed! Plus, we’ll even share our own “rankings” for how compatible (and incompatible) we are.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The Six Sides of Sexual Compatibility
  • How we rank ourselves on each of these sides
  • The most important aspect of sexual compatibility for your relationship

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[02:30] Something we do for everyone that purchases one of our courses

[04:18] How we are going to share about OUR compatibility throughout this episode

[07:15] Instagram polls! What our audience thinks of sexual compatibility

[09:55] Why Vanessa was inspired to create the “Hex of Sex”

[11:55] Side #1 — Frequency and why it’s way overestimated

[16:27] Side #2 — Preferences in the bedroom

[18:38] Why it can be a positive to not be fully compatible in your preferences

[21:37] Side #3 — Mood: The atmosphere that you like to create during sex

[22:54] A surprisingly polarizing topic we recently learned about

[27:49] Side #4 — Safety (something that is rarely talked about in long term relationships)

[35:16] Side #5 — Beliefs about sex

[40:27] Side #6 — Effort, and why we saved it for last!

[48:25] Listener Question #1 — ”If you’ve never been overly sexual together is it possible to create sexual energy/tension? Can I feel a * spark * with my husband that I never have before?”

[50:08] Listener Question #2 — ”Is it normal to go through phases of being attracted to, then unattracted to your partner? Similarly, can you weave in and out of sexual compatibility?”

[52:50] Listener Question #3 — “What if you feel sexually incompatible but ADORE your spouse? Emotional chemistry is there, sexually chemistry is not.”

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