Ask Us Anything Part 2: MORE Of Your Burning Questions, Answered

June 2, 2022

We were WRONG.

Well, Vanessa was. She thought there was no way our last Ask Us Anything episode would be popular, but it ended up being one of our most listened-to episodes!

So we decided to do a Part 2 with more of the most asked and most interesting personal questions we’ve gotten.

We’re talking about:

  • What we fight about
  • What we won’t do sexually
  • Vanessa’s ultra-personal therapy update
  • What our families think about us being in the sex therapy business
  • What we keep private from our Instagram audience

And so much more!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[07:03] “What do you fight about?”

[12:45] Screwin’ the shit out of the water bottle lid

[14:00] “What was Xander’s reaction to finding out about Vanessa’s interest in sex therapy?”

[15:55] “Is there anything you won’t do sexually?”

[17:00] “Favorite place in the house to have sex?”

[19:01] “How has the intensity of entrepreneurship affected your relationship? How do you manage that work/life balance?”

[20:20] The main thing we have to focus on as co-workers

[22:12] How me manage work/life balance

[25:26] “Did you ever struggle with your sexual compatibility in the beginning?”

[26:58] Xander recounts our compatibility timeline

[27:50] “Do you have a morning routine?”

[29:17] “How often is sex the topic when you’re hanging out with friends?”

[30:19] “Do either of you go to individual therapy?”

[31:00] Vanessa gets REALLY honest about therapy

[32:39] “Tell us about living in Berlin!”

[36:57] “How is your house hunt going?”

[38:10] “What do your families think of your profession?”

[40:26] “Is there anything that you keep from us?”

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