How To Overcome Sexual Shame With Our 7-Step Process

August 18, 2022


Let’s talk about the thing that keeps you up at night. The thing that you don’t bring up over drinks with friends. The thing that you don’t even admit to yourself if we are being honest.

Let’s talk about the shame surrounding sex.

Our Instagram audience tells us that 74% of us have experienced it in our lifetime, with 30% currently going through it. (But we’d bet real money that both of those numbers are much higher.) There are so many things that plague us when it comes to sex: body counts, sexual identities, doing things “the right way”, doing something too much or not enough or not at all.

It’s EXHAUSTING, but it doesn’t have to be!

Sex should be about pleasure and joy, freedom and exploration, certainly not about worry and regret. In this episode, we walk you through reprogramming the way you approach sex in your life, in 7 steps.

As a bonus to this episode, we’re also giving you a PDF guide with our 7 step process to deconstructing shame around sex. Click here for the download!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What, exactly, other people feel shame about
  • Our step by step shame-busting framework
  • How to dismantle the deeper layers of shame that are getting in the way of you having the sex life of your wildest dreams

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[2:29] How shame inadvertently sparked our business

[8:10] Let’s get into the list of shame

[8:55] Am I supposed to have a higher sex drive than him?

[11:30] Keeping track of the your body count

[12:28] Wearing your shame both inside and out

[15:14] There is a way out!

[15:32] Step 1: You were not born this way

[19:50] Step 2: Embrace your inner Amy Santiago/Sherlock Holmes

[25:30] Step 3: You are the boss of you

[29:10] Step 4: Don’t stop believin’

[35:12] Step 5: Be an army of 1 and reinforce yourself

[40:22] Step 6: Celebration of pride

[45:37] Step 7: Hack your brain and do more of this!

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